I am from a home of love

from books and funny faces

I am from warmth and comfort and understanding

I am from lilies

whose petals bloom in the spring

I am from playgrounds and amusement parks

from Sheena and Yusef

I am from laughter and jokes

and from support

from honesty

I am from making my parents and family laugh

I am from Janet and Helen

from 7up cake and macaroni and cheese

from achieving your dreams

and from being successful

Baking and dancing

I am from those moments

I am from a home of love

CC BY-SA 4.0 Where I Am From by Autumn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Grace 9 months ago

    Autumn, this poem is beautifully written and kept me intrigued the entire time. I think going back and sharing things about what made you you is very cool. Relating to the foods that you grew up eating and the joy of reading and laughter makes this poem fun and easy to read! Thanks for sharing what has made you how you are today. I loved this poem!

  2. Annie 10 months ago

    Your poem is beautiful. I enjoyed how you wrote about the many aspects that shaped you into the person you are, from playgrounds to 7-Up to achieving your dreams. Throughout life, one is influenced by so much, even the small things like macaroni and cheese, and I liked how you mentioned these as well. Everything, big and small, contributed to you being from a “home of love,” which I really loved reading. Great work!

  3. Mattie 10 months ago

    Autumn, wonderful poem. The strong relationship you have with your family and love you share radiates from your writing and it is heartwarming. When I was little, my sister and I used to use 7up and funfetti mix to bake cake and I had forgotten about it until now. Thank you for reminding me and for your poetry!

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