I am from my silver necklace

From soccer balls and cartoons

I am from “poor and broken-down houses”

From yelling and shootings in my neighborhood

I am from blooming sunflowers

Whose leaves are green and tall

I am a doll house and toy cars

From my Sister and Brother

I am from hard workers and confident

And from doing chores everyday

From caring about others

I am from “Peace be with you”

I am from my Grandmother and Great Grandmother

From Apple Pie and Cheese Pizza

From my Aunt’s funeral

And from my Mom’s graduation

My new pair of Jordans

I am from those moments

I am from what makes me happy

  1. kayden 2 years ago


    Hello Jaylin, my name is Kayden Milburn from Judge Memorial High School. I found your post to be very beautiful. I am very engaging in poetry and I loved reading about your post. I know you so little, but I felt as if I could get a small glimpse of your extraordinary life and how wonderful it may be. I enjoyed how it told a story and that story progressed. It seem as your maturity going through the poem became more relevant as I was reading. Thank you for your post and keep making great work.

  2. Billy 2 years ago

    Jaylin, though I do not know you personally, I think that they way in which you express yourself in this poem is simply beautiful. By describing yourself through things you love and enjoy, you portray a sense of individualism that is unique from any other person. Please continue to create works such as this one as I found it very beautiful, especially the line that says, “I am from what makes me happy.” Thank you for sharing.

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