George Orwell uses polysyndeton to continue the dramatic flow of the sentence and reveal how and why Winston chanted with the group of his co-workers instead of showing his real emotions. Winston and his coworkers were gathered for the Two Minutes of Hate. They first saw Goldstein the rebel and then Big Brother which evoked a sense of hope and safety. The narrator says, “Of course he chanted with the rest: it was impossible to do otherwise. To dissemble your feelings, to control your face, to do what everyone else was doing, was instinctive reaction¨. (Pg 17). To introduce the subject, George Orwell uses infinitives as part of the polysyndeton to describe a state of being which prevents the citizens of Oceania to reveal how they feel. Using the infinitive at the beginning of each clause has a persuading effect on the tone that emphasizes their inability to reveal their emotions.The dictatorship/reign of Big Brother caused the protagonist Winston to lose various freedoms he used to have such as the freedom of speech, and privacy which changing who he is. People are beginning to change the way they look and act to fit into society where doing the contrary of what is seemed normal can get you vanished or in trouble.

  1. Author
    Javier 3 years ago

    Thank you Carter for your comment. Is their anything I can do to improve my posts?

  2. Author
    Javier 3 years ago

    Thank you Carter for taking your time and commenting on my post. Is their anything you believe I can improve for my next post?

  3. Emily 3 years ago

    Hi Javier,
    I too have read George Orwell’s 1984, and was constantly relaying the subtle similarities between our modern world and the world that is depicted in the novel. Like you, I found the conformity in 1984 to be vaguely similar to that of the world we are living in. I think that there is an overwhelming majority that feels acceptance is more valuable than self expression. In a way, we are all like Winston; full of fear that what is different is bad. There is a certain fear instilled in all of us that our unique beliefs/hobbies/etc are bound to trap us in the world of social denial.

    • Author
      Javier 3 years ago

      I definitely agree with what you said, we all fear something and it prevents us from truly becomes the best-self we can be. Thanks for the comment by the way Emily.

  4. Carter 3 years ago

    This article is very good! Your article does a really good job on evaluating and identifying the literary techniques that Orwell uses. I really like the quote you use because it really helps show the emotion and how big of a part of the novel that is. Your article is very effective in highlighting the essential themes of 1984 and showing the role they play in moving the plot of the novel along.

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