I have so many dreams and goals in my life and everyone in this world has dreams to start and to complete.My dad worked hard in his life to make me and my brothers happy, and one day I will return his hard work and make him, and my mom feels good and enjoys the rest of their lives together.I will help my brothers and sisters with there schools and money to support them to finish college because college is expensive and they need to receive help from someone. I’m here to help my family and also poor people. My job is to work at my dad store I want to buy a franchise and buy businesses in Oakland and help out the poor because very little do. I would invest all of my money to the mosques and make more people smile because of what I had been through. There is a sign that says you only sympathize with a person only if you had been through it. My dream is to make all the poor people feel like people want to help them because sometimes they feel worthless. When people see help coming towards them, they start to feel wanted in this world. Then my family is a big part of my life. My career is in the future a doctor and also a businessman.


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