Is animal testing necessary to develop new medicines and advance scientific knowledge? Yes, I think it is because if we don’t test medicines on animals then how are we going to know if there are safe or not. Like animals are closest living things to humans so why not? Anyways for now I think animals should be tested with medication for our safety. I know it hurts the animals but put it like this. Would you give your child untested prescription? Of Course, not so would you agree with me that animals should be tested with medicine. There’s nothing else but animals to test our medicine. Without testing animals with medicine, there would be no medicine. Well, there would be, but like I said we wouldn’t know if its safe or not. Not only that when animals are pets, and in a zoo, they’re treated right well I think but just know the majority of them are. So testing them with remedy could be the only thing hurtful other than that animal is ok. For example, if you see a pet that’s hurt on the street you can take it to the vet, and they won’t have to pay anything. So yea back to the subject I think that animals should be tested with antibiotic for our safety.


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  1. Anna 11 months ago

    Hi John,
    I agree with you that we can’t give humans untested medications and cosmetics, but I do not think that we need to test our products on animals. Plenty of companies no longer test on animals, such as Toms, Dermalogica, Method, and more ( With modern technology, there are ways to test products without testing them on animals, like in vitro methods, stem cell and genetic testing methods, and micro-dosing. If youre interested heres a link where you can find out more alternatives to animal testing

  2. Axel Marora 11 months ago

    I agree with you but your argument was weak because you didn’t provide any evidence and some of your reasons are incoherent. These are the reasons why I believe animal testing is necessary.

    Animal testing has produced useful results. Life support machines, dialysis, asthma drugs, penicillin, blood transfusion, and insulin were all discovered using animal tests (1)(2).

    Furthermore, animal experimentation is not meant to be full-proof, it’s meant to reduce the chance of failure in human clinical trials. Animal experimentation does not guarantee that there are no negative side effects but it helps researchers notice some negative side effects before giving the drugs to humans. It acts as a filter (3)(4).

    Animal experimentation is useful for education. Most animal experiments are conducted in universities. Animal testing is used to train future medical experts about animals (including humans) (4)(5).—the-facts.aspx

  3. Melissa 12 months ago

    Hey John,
    Lab mice and pigs have been used for experiments for decades. We recently used pigs in a genetic engineering experiment using CRISPER and are looking forward to human trials. I do not think it is vaccines and medications people are angry about being tested on animals since we often do much less relevant experiment on mice. However I would love to hear your opinions on cosmetic testing on animals especially when this testing could easily be done safely on humans. in many cases cosmetic testing has harmful affects on the animal that are easily avoided. Thanks!

  4. Tanner 12 months ago

    Hi John,
    While testing animals for medicine and makeup has been helpful for us, doesn’t make the situation right. When you said “Would you give your child untested prescription?”, I wouldn’t want my family, friends, or even my pets to be tested on. And animals do not consent to be tested. It is illegal and wrong for someone to test others without their consent. Why do it to animals? From Cruelty Free International, from 2016 in the UK 35% of the animals tested experienced moderate and severe suffering. I do get your view on this and acknowledge the benefits of it, it doesn’t mean it is right for us to keep doing it. I appreciate hearing your side about this topic.

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