We are at Pulse High school located on East Tremont in the Bronx,  interviewing our peers on who is the most important person in their life. I interviewed my friend Diana, and the most important person to her is her mother. One of the questions i asked Diana was “so you said your mother is the best mother, what about her makes her the best mother to you?” , this is what she had to say,

Diana states,  “our bond, the way she raised me, the way she made me, and just the trust she gives me like she makes me feel comfortable to tell her anything.”

Hearing this quote makes me realize that this ties into the project we’re doing on Youth dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety because one of the points made was that the youth needs a lot of support from adults, and someone they can trust to talk too , that person in this case being Diana’s mother. I feel like this quote is also very important because not a lot of youth can say that they trust their parents, a lot more parents need to build on a trustworthy relationship with their kids in order to be able to support them and help them.

I continued my interview with Diana asking her, “okay so you said you look up to your mother because of the way she raised you, can you speak a little bit more on that ?” , the part of her answer that stuck out to me was when she says,

“….. a lot of kids don’t have a loving mother, like they would really grow up being so cold hearted because they don’t get love at home and i feel like kids like that need love, i’m just happy i grew up with love because now i’m a lovable person like im so lovable, to my mother a lot too like we have a really good bond.”

Hearing this quote makes me realize that not enough parents have a good bond like this with their child. You don’t hear a lot of kids speaking of their parents like this these days  There are youth that don’t receive any type of love at home so they search for it in other places and that can lead to being depressed because they’ll feel like they have no one. Parents need to start being more supportive of their kids and more aware about what their kids go through.


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