I believe that being American means having freedom, equal opportunities, and having a chance to fulfill the “American Dream”.

There are many things in the “United” States that’s make people feel like everyone is equal like the 13th amendment that abolished slavery in  The united states unless it was for a punishment for a crime. Many people think that the 13th amendment makes everyone equal because African Americans were freed from slavery but that’s not true… You were only freed if you were not serving a punishment. Back then many people were probably still forced to be slaves. It’s sad but it’s so true. And even if they were free they still had to suffer because there were people who didn’t like them because of their skin color. They were still beat, lynched, and killed even if they were free. They were American but they didn’t have their freedom even if it was illegal to call them a slave. Many of the former slaves had to stay with their owners because they didn’t have any money and there was no way for them to make money without staying to work for their owners. It’s not even like they were paid enough to have a god life. They still had a bondage mindset so even if they were actually free they wouldn’t know what to do. To be truly American we need true freedom.

The American Dream is supposed to be in reach for everyone who is American. Many people have different opinions of the American Dream… what they think it is and what they think it means to them. I believe the American Dream is having equal opportunities to succeed and prosper in America, and having a chance to get ahead. Sometimes people want to do things but they aren’t given an equal chance to do it so they have to try harder than everyone else in line to get it. Like say if you have bad credit and you want to get the latest iPhone and everyone else who is buying has good credit, You are going to have to do more things to get that iPhone. You might have to buy the phone in full or go on someone else’s line to get the iPhone. Some people will even say who cares if you had to try harder than everyone else you should be happy you get the opportunity. Equal opportunities mean much more than having a chance it’s a right we should all receive an we all don’t have the equal opportunity right like some people. 

In conclusion I feel that being American means so much more than living in the Americas it means having a chance to have equal opportunities. I also believe it means succeeding and being able to have a god comfortable life. Being American also means having freedom to live comfortably.  


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