The animals in this life are meaningful in many ways. They are created here on earth for a reason. Also, they have the same right to live and live happily. There just so many animals that are getting instinct and we don’t need to make it worse by mistreating the animals like that. There are animals that spent their whole day to guard the house for example dogs are magnificent more helpful than some of your children sometimes. Dogs are used to walk disabled people like blind people and even used to protect your children from bad people, So I think that us mistreating them is wrong. I think its right to put anyone in jail if he or she hurt an animal, in any way People need to care about animals because they risk their lives to serve in the military and as dog cops.


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  1. Molly 6 months ago

    Dear Alaa,

    We strongly agree about this topic. When we read your article, Cruelty to Animals, we felt absolute disgrace towards the people who have even have had the thought to put a scratch on an animal. It is so sad the people hurt innocent animals just because they are angry or hurt. Even if you are having a bad day or mad at someone you have no right to hurt an animal, a poor innocent animal. One sentence that stood out to me was “Dogs are used to walk disabled people like blind people and even used to protect your children from bad people”. This sentence stood out to me because lots of people don’t know how much dogs help people. Dogs even risk their lives for us in the military. Also, we have service dogs that help people survive every day. I feel like we need to do something about this subject and arrest anyone that hurts an animal. Thank you for writing this article, it opened our eyes on how animals are abused.

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