“Violence in the Bay Area” by Takeo Owens


There is a lot of violence in the Bay Area. The question is, what will stop the violence in Oakland? How will the government stop it? Should violence stop? Why or why not?


Oakland’s violence can be stopped because of the government itself and schools. Schools in the East Oakland and West Oakland neighborhoods helps keep schools safe and reliable for students, staff, teachers, and families.


One of my interviewees, Ryan Fulgado, an Oakland teenager, said that violence should stop in Oakland because people are getting shot at which will cause them to serve some prison (a.k.a. jail) time in (Fulgado).  And another one of my interviewees, Amed Segarra, an instructional aid at Life Academy in Oakland, stated that violence is happening in poor, wealthy, and unsafe neighborhoods (Segarra). And, my last interviewee, Johan Nuno, who is also an Oakland teen, stated that, “violence should stop because it should” (Nuno). But the question is – What will stop the violence?


The government should stop the violence so they can form together as a team to what will stop the violence in cities. What should you do if the government didn’t stop the violence? Now it is a difficult question to answer. People have been killed most of the time because of gun violence. Gun violence in the Bay Area is dangerous and unsafe because people will scared if something might happen to them or the other person. Throughout the course of the years, Oakland has lots of gun violence like for instance – from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, it stated, “Oscar Grant died at the age of 22 at the Fruitvale BART Station after he was shot in the back by a BART police officer named Johannes Mehserle, where reports of a fight going on in a crowded BART train returning from San Francisco. Grant was pronounced dead the day after New Year’s Day, 2009 at the Highland Hospital” (Wikipedia).


Through education we can stop the violence. This can help us to understand more about the violence that is currently happening in the Bay Area. Gun violence should stop as well. From the article, “What will stop the violence in Oakland?”, by Oakland natives Alessandro Tinonga and Todd Chretien, it stated, “Oakland has exactly suffered almost the exact same number of murders in 2008, when there were 200 more cops on the payroll than there were today” (Tinonga and Chretien).


In conclusion, we’re wondering why violence CAN’T stop in the Bay Area. Well, it’s just because the Bay Area has lots of reported crimes over the course of the years. We are hoping that in the future the government can try to stop this violence. From the “Neighborhood Scout, Oakland, CA Crime Rates and Statistics” article, it said, “For Oakland, we found that the violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes (both large and small) “ (Neighborhood Scout).

I chose this topic because I have learned that violence is bad in the Bay Area. So what should you do if the government didn’t stop the violence? How will you stop it? How will the government stop it?


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  1. Elizabeth 2 years ago

    Dear Takeo,
    I agree with you that the violence in the bay area doesn’t only affect the person committing the crime but it also affects the person being hurt by the crime. One of the examples you wrote about that stood out to me was about the situation with Oscar Grant at the Bart station. This example really interested me and made me agree with you more because it really showed how the violence has lead to deaths and how people’s lives can change completely around because of all this violence happening in the Bay Area. Your writing on violence stood out to me because although you focused on more about the violence in Oakland it is important to know that violence is not only happening in the Bay area it is happening all around the world and it is important that everyone does something to help the amount of violence happening to decrease. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you really get into the topics you write about and you pick really interesting and real topics.

    • Elizabeth 2 years ago

      Thank You Takeo, I appreciate you for taking the time to read my blog and commenting on my post. You seemed interested in the violence topic, why is that? I hope to hear back from you.

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