Violence in Oakland


Based on research and interviews, it is important to talk about and resolve the Violence in Oakland because it is causing PTSD for youth. The type of violence happening in Oakland is both violent crime and property crime. The types of violent crimes that are reported every  year are murder, rape, assault and robbery.


This blog post is going to be focusing on the violence crimes. According to AreaVibes, every 100k people there is 85 reported incidents of murder, 277 reports of rape, 3076 reports of robbery and 2621 reports of assault  (AreaVibes). That information points out the kind of violence that is happening in Oakland. There is probably more than just those numbers that aren’t reported but even just those numbers that is to many reports of violence. I did an interview about violence in Oakland. She is a trustworthy source because she has lived in Oakland for almost her whole life and seen lots of fights. I collected a piece of information from her and she said “If someone tried to hurt another women I would try to stop it”(Napolitano).  The violence is causing PTSD to children and some adults because they are witnesses to the violence. Kids are seeing random people and even family members being victims of this violence. I know that youth and adults are getting PTSD from the research that I found. When I did this research, I found an article about Oakland residents and PTSD and it stated “Post-traumatic stress disorder is usually associated with soldiers returning home from war. But experts in psychological trauma say they now see the condition in residents of Oakland and other American cities with high rates of gun violence. Unlike soldiers returning home from the battlefield to relative safety, though, there is no safe place to escape for those traumatized by violence in their own community” (Stock, et. al., 2016). This quote is saying how residents of Oakland are getting PTSD due to the violence happening in the city. Now experts on psychological trauma now see PTSD in Oakland residents because of the violence. Youth are getting PTSD due to this violence. It isn’t just youth it is also adults but more youth are getting PTSD because they are now witnesses to all of the violence. I think we should hire counselors to help the kids who are witnessing the violence in Oakland. I don’t think the youth should have to deal with PTSD due to other people’s actions. Some people don’t think youth and adults can get PTSD because of this gun violence. They might think that they don’t get it from the gun violence because they probably believe what they see that only people from wars get PTSD. In conclusion, It is important to talk about violence and help stop it because youth are getting PTSD because of this gun violence and it is making the city worse instead of helping it.


Annotated Bibliography


Gonzales, Fernando. “Oakland Violence .” 30 Dec. 2017.


The interview was about how he can help stop violence and any stories he had about violence. He is a credible source because he has lived in Oakland for all of his life and has seen acts of violence.


Stephen Stock, Michael Bott, Mark Villareal, Jeremy Carroll. “Oakland Gun Violence Victims Suffer Continuous PTSD.” NBC Bay Area, NBC Bay Area, 4 Aug. 2016,


Citizens of Oakland are getting and already have PTSD due to the gun violence happening. Due to the lack of care that they are bringing to the community and citizens. That is why Oakland gun violence victims suffer.

“Oakland Finally Gets a Handle on Violent Crime.” Oakland Magazine,

This is about how the police department has had to deal with a numerous amount of homicides and gun violence within a couple of moths. They have put this through their own perspective and explain the struggle behind it and the effects it leaves on the community.

Stavely, Zaidee. “Violence Causes Ripple Effects for Thousands of Oakland Students.” KQED News, 26 May 2015,

Gun violence in Oakland can cause kids to be traumatized because of all of the gun violence happening in their neighborhoods and near their schools. The OUSD is trying to put more mental health professionals in the schools to help the kids feel safe again.


Regina Napolitano

Lives in oakland for 19 years. Heard people use threatening violence. Seen fights. “If someone tried to hurt another women I would try to stop it”


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  1. Liz 3 years ago

    Dear Aaron, your work has impressed me a lot I like the way you talk about soldiers coming back from war with PTSD. I think your blog is really important because it brings up very important points and your evidence does a very good job in showing how PTSD affects the community. I love how you talk about the violence causing PTSD and how to prevent PTSD we need to stop the violence. Your conclusion is very interesting because you bring up gun violence affecting the youth. I think you did a good job talking about the youth and adults suffering from PTSD because of other people’s actions. I hope you keep writing, I would love to see more of your work. Sincerely, Liz

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