Violence in Oakland


Everyone is interested in violence, that is why action movies exist. In Oakland’s case, however, it is a lot more serious and people need to take more responsibility for what they are doing so that others don’t see Oakland as a place that is only about violence. Gangs are one of the reasons why people from other places call Oakland a place full of violence. For residents in Oakland, violence has become too common, so they think that it’s a good place to live because they are used to seeing violence, but are still affected by it in many ways. People who do not live in Oakland think it’s a horrible place because of all the violence that is talked about. Oakland is a beautiful place that has been taken over by gang related violence that has affected people who live here and people outside of Oakland.    


Oakland is known for many things, such as violence, rape also gangs that creates violence. The violence turns into homicides and people  Gangs are mostly the reason why people that don’t live in Oakland call it a place that is only violent. And, people that live in Oakland said that they are ok of living in oakland even though they’ve lived there for a long time which has made them be ok with violence because they got easily used it. In a interview with an person that lives in oakland named Daniel Cruz, he mentioned that violence is a very big problem in Oakland and he experienced violence himself. Daniel said “yes when someone was shooting in the front of our house, one of the bullets caught our neighbors back window of their car.” Daniel further explained that the shooting was gang related and he doesn’t know if the people that were shooting were ever caught.Daniel’s experience is most similar to many Oakland residents who have the same stories of bullets going flying into the air and through their homes. This shows how violence in Oakland is very common and there isn’t enough done about it. Even Though Oakland is a beautiful place, it has become full of sadness and despair because of gang violence that isn’t under control.  


Violence affects Oakland in many way such as gangs, money, guns, family problems and many more ways that describe Oakland. This matters because police in Oakland are more aggressive than other cities. The police in Oakland are the reason why Oakland is the most violent. The police is the reason why Oakland has the word violence written in front of it because police brutally is also one of the most common out of violence and gangs. This matters because the police should never put hands on another victim that commited a crime. A person that lives in a Oakland community named Daniel Cruz mentions that “a police force should never put hands on another person they supposed to serve and protect not to attack people just because they are stealing especially people with color”. (Daniel Cruz). is quote supports my evidence of violence in daniel community because when daniel explained that he hears gunshots around of his community. That show how the police are not taking the job seriously. The reason why I say that the police are not taking the job seriously because when you hear gunshots or someone robs your car or your house.  The police force will not try their best to do your case because they are too focused on doing other case that relates to drugs or gangs which relates to the gunshot that you hear outside there are doing that instead of doing your case. That is why they take a long amount of time to solve or even touch your case or problem.    


The people in Oakland defends because they live there nearly their entire life. And people outside of Oakland. They criticize Oakland because how Oakland appears. People from outside of Oakland look at Oakland As A Place full of violence because they think the Oakland is there a place full of violence and homicides also such as gangs drugs homicides murders also rape. People in Oakland they don’t just let this happen they refuse to take punishment and criticized by people that they don’t live in Oakland. The reason why people in Oakland start to defend is because when people talks about how you live and how you see yourself at a house in Oakland. When people in Oakland and start to defend and put all the negativity just push violence away and pushes the positive side of Oakland. The reason why they leave violence and homicide out of this is because they get used to seeing violence around their neighborhood.

Violence is one of the most common things in the world, and in Oakland communities have suffered from gang related violence for many years. Gangs have figured out how to become huge territorial groups that the police cannot handle. In Oakland there are some crimes that are more common than others, like gang related violence that has affected communities in many ways. Through time people called or see Oakland as a place full of violence that they do not want to be part of or visit. I’m right because the people that cause violence are a bunch of meanies.

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