Video games or Violence?

Are violent video games harmful for teenagers?


Do violent video games influence violent behaviour? Some examples of Violence video games are Call of Duty, Counter Strike, and Halo. What makes them violent is the use of weapons to kill people in the game. Based on the research, though guns are involved, violent video games do not influence violent behavior because they do not affect aggression and they help fight more harmful addictions.

Firstly, violent video games do not affect a person’s personality in any way and people who play aren’t more aggressive than people that don’t play video games at all. In a research study, they looked at the difference between players and non players for aggressive behavior. Dr. Gregor talks about this exact question in his research and this is what he found: “Him and his team examined a group of male players because playing violent games and aggressive behavior is more prevalent in men, the researchers said. All had played shooter video games, including Call of Duty or Counter-Strike for at least two hours a day for the past four years, though the average play time was four hours each day.The gamers were compared with a group who had no experience of violent video games, and who didn’t take part in gaming regularly.To test the gamers’ capacity for empathy and aggression, the researchers carried out psychological questionnaires.Then, while undergoing an MRI scan, the gamers were shown a series of images designed to provoke a range of emotional responses. As the images appeared, they were asked to imagine how they would feel in the situations shown. Using the MRI scanner, the researchers were able to measure specific parts of the brain, to compare activity and the responses of gamers and non-gamers.The results showed no difference between the two groups – both showed similar brain”(Dr. Gregor Szycik). The studies shown by Dr. Gregor’s results in his studies and show that non gamers and gamers that play violent video  games have no difference in their aggression. This proves that video games do not have to do with anyones aggression. Additionally, video gamers were interviewed to find out their opinion. Kevin Wu, a high school student and video gamer feels that they do not increase aggression. He stated,  “No because it helps with stress and I can talk to strangers and make friends in co op games.” when asked if violent video games can affect your aggression” (Wu). Another person that was interviewed was was Mario Garibay, He said, “NO because i’m still the same person when you talk about it.” Mr. B a highschool teacher was interviewed and said,“not generally b/c there is not a connection with violent video games and violent kids and there are more reason for teenagers to be violent and it doesn’t have to do with video games.”. From my research I have seen that many people have the same opinion in the matter and believe the same thing all people that I interviewed said that Video games do not affect your aggression in any way and that it had to do with the person.

I have done more research on video games and if there are any benefits to gaming., This is where my research came from. “Researchers from the university of Plymouth in the uk monitored 31 undergraduates for addiction over a one week period, the group were asked various questions about their cravings including a rating out of 100, the test group were asked the same questions but then were instructed to play 3 minutes of the puzzle game tetris  and asked to rate their cravings afterwards, after playing tetris, participants displayed an average reduction of 24% on their cravings, witch didn’t diminish throughout the whole week of testing. while the cravings participants reported were primarily food and substances like alcohol coffee and cigarettes researchers suggested that the brain functionality for the game required is combined with the visual aspects make it hard for the brain to visualise the object is craving and they hope the same process can be successful in further studies into more serious addictions.”(student/researcher from Plymouth university). I found this research interesting because this shows how beneficial video games can be and how drugs are related with many crimes because of drugs, I believe that if video games can help with drug addictions then there could be a reduction in crimes caused from the influence of drugs.

Although there are some benefits to gaming, there are some problems with play too much. Many gamers are teenagers and that makes it harder for teenagers to focus on school work and just play video games instead. This is really bad because this means teenagers won’t do great in school and end up failing. The average time for a gamer is 1 hour and 30 min to 3 hours. But some people end up playing over 6 hours a day and that can be bad. Obesity is one problem with excessive gaming, since people that game don’t go outside and exercise they can face many health issues. Although these are major problems, Studies have shown that playing horror games can reduce weight since the more scared you are you body burns calories and accelerate your metabolism.

In Conclusion Gaming can be beneficial in many ways it can fight addictions and help in overall learning. Video games have not cause violent behaviors in people and the saying of people being violent because of video games is false, There is no evidence that violent video games affect violent behavior but there is evidence of how violent video games cannot influence violent behavior and how there is many benefits to gaming. One benefit to gaming is lowering your addiction, in theory if you have an addiction it can be lowered by playing video games. There are more crimes related to drug use, that can be lowered by playing video games since video games can fight addictions lowering the amount of crimes by influence of drugs.


Annotated Bibliography

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Garibay, Mario. “Video Games.” 16 Jan. 2018. I interviewed Mario Garibay Because he has experience with video games but doesn’t play video games regularly. He is a credible source because he doesn’t play many video games and can have a different perspective about video games then someone that plays video games.

B, Rich. “Video Games.” 16 Jan. 2018. I interviewed RIch B a math teacher that plays video games in his spare time but doesn’t play a lot. He is a credible source because he is an adult and works with teenagers that also play video games and he can see if a student has been affected in any way because of video games.

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  1. Cicely 2 years ago

    Hi Salvador,
    I really enjoyed your post. My brother has always been a big fan of video games which worried my parents. They thought the games made him aggressive and antisocial, but I think the opposite happened. My brother made friends really easily because of his knowledge of games. One thing I’ve always heard is gamers are much better at decision making. I found this article about gaming you might find interesting.
    I hope you continue your research!

    • Author
      Salvador 2 years ago

      thank you for your support I will do more research on the benefits to gaming, I also want to talk about the decision making part because i was going to add it to my blog but for some reason I didn’t, but anyway I found developers that work on game that progress by the decisions that you make in a game , The developers are called TellTale games, they make games that are heavily influence in pure decision making you might have heard about some games they made. Some of their more famous games are the walking dead games they made 3 seasons. I found myself not being good at decision making but when i started playing their games i saw that i was able to make decisions more efficiently, That surprised me. I also found some research that gamers are better at making decisions since in video games players get to play around with trial and error which means that in video games they can test different choices that they can make until they find the most beneficial to them.

  2. Lindsay 2 years ago

    This is a great article! I really liked that you didn’t only focus on the problems with video games, like most people choose to do, but you also focused on the benefits to it. You used a lot of examples that strengthened your argument. Here is another article that I found interesting on the benefits of playing video games.

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