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Types of Violence in Oakland

Violence in Oakland

When you hear the word Violence what do you think of? Do you think of past experiences? Or do you think of movies, TV shows, and/or video games? Violence occurs all over the world and can happen at any time. I will talk about violence violence in Oakland.


Through my research and interviews, it is clear that Oakland is affected by violence and the most common types of violence that need to be talked about to be stopped are domestic violence and gang violence and the best way to stop both is providing counseling for those involved.

Domestic Violence is probably the worst kind of violence because, this occurs around families and effects children in the worst ways. Domestic Violence can shape how a child will act and behave when he/she grows up, resulting in having depression, guilt, shame and sleep disturbances (Domestic Violence Roundtable). This information is very trustworthy because in my own personal experience I have saw and felt some of these results. According to Life Academy Senior Kevin Montalvo, “Domestic Violence affects children in the bad ways because they can get certain mental illnesses like depression” (Montalvo).  


Gang Violence in Oakland is very high, we’ve been ranked in the third place of 10 of being the most dangerous cities in the U.S. on Forbes. Oakland is known for being a city that is filled with crime, well they aren’t wrong because it is a very dangerous place to live, personally I’ve known friends and family members who have been affected by any gang violence/activity. According to the Oakland Police Department, they made a Crime Analysis, and it shows that there has been around 75-77 homicides in 2017 to the end of the year. Also, there has been a total of 12,486 cases of robbery in 2017 to the end of the year (OPD). This information is very trustworthy because this is coming from Oakland’s police force, and it is their to to report cases and solve them. Montalvo also has an opinion on gang violence he explains, “Gang Violence nowadays affects teenagers because they want to be involved in organizations that they think are ‘cool’ ” (Montalvo). This is evident that teenagers in this modern era are more likely to join anything that will get them in the mix but will harm their future.

Counseling can help victims of gang violence because they can help them through traumatic experiences involving any homicides and shootings. This can help victims recover from these experiences. As for domestic violence, family counseling and counseling for the children who have experienced domestic violence can help kids get through what they’re feeling. Also, family therapy can help a family function like a family normally would.   


I Interviewed Mr. Waters that works for FACES. He agreed that counseling does help victims of domestic and gang violence. He also stated that, “ To help reduce gang violence, is to offer more jobs and education to help reduce crime. Also, for domestic violence, I think that there should be places for people to live and eventually escape the domestic violence they face” (Waters). He sounded very confident about what he said, and he believes that this will reduce domestic and gang violence if they get the resources that they need.


In conclusion, I think that counseling is effective in preventing crime, and helping domestic violence victims recover from their experiences, and having more jobs can help reduce crime/gang violence, while at the same time helping people financially.    


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