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Did you know that Oakland has a heart around it? This means it is loved by it’s residents, but people outside of Oakland do not always see that. For  example, some people might see trash on the ground and assume Oakland is dirty. But, Oakland has a lot of great restaurants, parks and homes that excite people to the max. Therefore, it is important to remember that yes there are some problems in Oakland, but in general it is a wonderful city with lots of positive attributes to offer.


Negatives about oakland:

To begin, Oakland has a lot of positives materials but their are some habits that us, as a community, need to work on. For  example, Oakland has a lot of violence on the streets and parents don’t like their kids to play outside. During my interview on January 2, 2018  my ten year old kid interviewee explains, “ I only go outside in my backyard and barley even that because I live in an environment where in the day is quiet almost like no one’s here,  quiet too were you can hear the birds chirping all the way up in the tree’s, but at night there’s a rough amount of noise as if it was  thunder and everyone was scared” (Troupe). This explains that she has fear when people are being out at night. She thinks that something is going to happen because when it thunders lightning strikes and when lightning strikes, someone gets hurt and she doesn’t want that to happen. The three key words are “everyone was scared” because when people go out and do any type of crime then scare everyone that is in that part of the city.  Additionally, Oakland deals with crime, crime happens all the time here in Oakland. As I was researching I found this, “Crime remains one of Oakland’s most serious challenges”( Oakland, CA Crime).  As a result of this most people that live here in Oakland are moving to a better place in Oakland like North Oakland. The three key words in this quote is “crime remains one” because it shows that crime stays here in oakland and we just need to stop it. In conclusion, yes, Oakland has negatives, but the people here are great and Oakland has positive things to.


Oaklands positive:

Though there are some negatives, Oakland has a lot of positive characteristics. One item others can say about Oakland is that it is diverse. In this article called “Let’s help Oakland” it states “ You’ll find people and communities of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and origins here, plus everything they bring with them, including unique art and dining, along with other aspects of diverse international cultures.”(Oaklands community).  This says that Oakland is diverse and when new community members come they bring really good and different acts with then too Oakland. Also Oakland has a pretty good pay in rent, rent is really low according to my interviewer that I did on December 20, 2017 she states “ Oakland has a decent rent pay, I live in a two bedroom apartment and I pay 105 a month and anywhere else you would pay anywhere from 200-250 for a two bedroom apartment”(Smith). What this means is that Oakland has affordable prices you just have to have a job or a way to get money and you’ll be good.



In conclusion, Oakland has objects to work on but those are the things us as community need too works on. Oakland also has a good amount of positive  the community just needs to keep those going. Do you think us as community can keep our heart, if so join and help us fight for our beat.


Annotated bibliography


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During this interview I learned that gentrification happens everywhere. Shela talked about how she hates the way oakland is made but she loves her hometown she also loves the environment. shela is credible because experienced this .


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Demonstrators march in New York, Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014, during the Justice for All rally and march. In the past three weeks, grand juries have decided not to indict officers in the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York and the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The decisions have unleashed demonstrations and questions about police conduct and whether local prosecutors are the best choice for investigating police. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


CC BY-SA 4.0 My views of Oakland by Nakiah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Paola 7 months ago

    Dear, nakiah

    I’m amazed by your post because it really did make a lot of sense about Oakland that it has pros and cons but overall it’s a good city. Also i’m amazed because it shows how you put in a lot effect on explaining what happens in Oakland and how people view Oakland. One sentence that stand out to me was “Though there are some negatives, Oakland has a lot of positive characteristics”. I think this is so accurate because we all see it and i see it on the news that there’s good and bad things happening. Another sentence that stood out to me was when you said “Did you know that Oakland has a heart around it? This means it is loved by it’s residents, but people outside of Oakland do not always see that”. This stood out to me because yes it’s like people from oakland going to another state and turn out to not like it. I really loved your post about Oakland I would like to hear back from you and encourage you to post more because this post was good to read.

    Sincerely, Paola H

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