My character is a person who like females but her family doesn’t accept her for what she like so she just trying to get them to accepted her .


                Yo my name is cierra brown  i am 17 and i like girls  . So what if i’m gay , yall the three people in my family that judge me about what i like . Oh well yall cant control me if i like girls then i like them . Yall turning on me because i told yall what i like , now yall wanna look at me different . Child it aint gonna change what i like so it doesn’t matter anyway . What’s the problem ? what y’all don’t see me the same anymore . That’s real cute but it’s cool though imma be the same person if y’all like it or not . Family ain’t suppose to look at you different because you  liking the same sex  . Omg listen if yall gonna stop talking to me then do that .


          When i get in school people just be looking at me because i like girls  . Girls in school call me names and i can’t take it so something had to happen . They called y’all to come get me from school . She yelling at me , you suppose to be my mom and y’all supposed to be my siblings i get no type of support from yall . Is yall going to let people call me out my name . Matter fact i’m going to do yall a favor and leave so yall wont have to worry about a kid who like ¨ girls ¨ .

Yall my family yall not suppose to let people talk down on me but yet you do be letting people . How do yall think i feel about yall not treating me the same . Huh mom ? sister ? brother ? See now y’all speechless yall dont have a reason why yall dont accept me , mom you just want me to like boys . Something i don’t wanna like , yall not controlling me idc what yall say im going to like females all i want .  


       Maybe Aunt Chrissy  can help us out with this situation . What situation ? aunt chrissy i like females and my mom and siblings think it’s something wrong with it . Aunt chrissy just looking around . Sooooo … aunt chrissy i never saw you with boys i only saw you with females , wait so all this time and now you wanna come out . You suppose to be there for me about this situation . Did momma know you like girls ? Huh ? Hello Im Talking To You . That’s just not right because you like girls as well as i do but yet my mom doesn’t accept me . Your aunt is grown i can’t tell her what to like .But for you .. your  my daughter if i don’t accept you then i dont you gonna have to deal with it . But aunt chrissy we are women we have to stick together when i needed you when they was coming at me about liking girls you never was their and you just let them say whatever knowing you liked females to . Now i see that you came out i need you to help me with everything . I want my mom and siblings to accept me the same way they did with you . Momma love you for what you like but i want her to do the same for me . Can you please talk to her aunt chrissy i just want to be accepted i don’t wanna be the odd one no more . 


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