Immigration Job Problems


Do immigrants really suffer because the lack of jobs they have for them? Based on my research and interviews, it is clear that immigrants face obstacles to get in Oakland and Oakland should make changes as a sanctuary to help people get jobs because immigrants are just as talented and have the same rights as humans to work.

Oakland should allow immigrants to have jobs. They are also humans and have the right  to have jobs. One of my interviewers states “Just because they don’t have identification dont mean they shouldn’t have a job. They also need the money to buy food and have shelter. There should be a change so that immigrants could have a job and not ask for money in the streets where they risking their life” (Anonymous). This is saying that it’s dangerous for the immigrants who are in real need of money because they don’t have a job. People may think that some people ask for money because they’re being irresponsible or just lazy because they don’t want to work. We don’t know if it’s because of that or they really are in need of money. Sometimes they even ask for food. Immigrants are in need of money. Not because they want to do drugs and do things they aren’t supposed to be doing but because they want a home to live in and have food to be healthy.   


Oakland should make changes to help people get jobs. What will you have without a job? Money will be running out by buying groceries, clothing, shelter, everything someone need to survive. “The immigrants are living a difficult life. They are risking their lives to get the money they need” (Annonyuose). They are living because of farms. Their jobs are to work in picking up tomatoes from fields that they own. Yes, we dont have fields here in Oakland but we do have immigrants that work in the fields. After that, the immigrants sell them to a company and get money. But that’s a hard way to earn money. They are also risking themselves to having skin cancer because of the sun. They could wear sun protection but it won’t really help them since they  million under the sun for hours from sunrise until sunset.

Immigrants are not being accepted in jobs because they don’t have an ID that identifies them. Oakland should do something and make things change. For example the green-card. There’s over 11 million of immigrants waiting to be made legal. With the green-card (people who came to the United States and has been with someone who has been in the United States legally) are allowed to have a job and do credits to be able to buy house, get cars out a dealer, get credit cards, or open a bank account. The problem is that they are taking long to give the immigrants their green-cards. Meanwhile, they can’t do anything other than just waiting. “I know many immigrants who are waiting for the green-card and they scared they ain’t going to get it back”(Hernandez). It normally take about two-three weeks to come back in and if it’s not back within 2-3 weeks its best to call a special number.

In conclusion, immigrant are struggling to have a job. Oakland should have a way to help immigrants. Just enough to get money for food. Immigrants are struggling on getting money for their needs. We all have the same rights to try to live a life without having money because the right that one person has the other one should have as well. We should be equal in every thing.


Annotated Bibliography


Anonymous, Rosa. “If i was Immigrant .” 7 Jan. 2018.


This person who was born in Mexico came to the United States and made herself a citizen, stated that if she was in immigrant she would’ve struggle getting money. When she came to the US she was obligated to get a job because of some personal reason. Without that job she points out she wouldn’t know where she would be standing.

Hernandez, Jessica. “Immigration .”  7 Jan. 2017.


Hernandez talked to me about how she struggle getting her green-card. She also stated how long it took for her to wait for the card so that she could have a job because she needed the money for a personal and she had to deal with and the money was needed.


Garcia, Karla. “Point of View.” 15 Jan. 2017.


Karla Garcia on her point of view based on immigration. I interviewed her because she is a teacher in Oakland but didn’t want people to know the name of the school she works at. She has seen her students



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  1. TakeoO 3 years ago

    Dear Yureida,

    I am excited with your blog “Immigration Job Problems” because I’ve learned that Oakland should have immigrants do jobs. 1 sentence that stood out for me was, “Oakland should do something and make things change.” I think this is interesting because I agree, Oakland should make things change and have immigrants do jobs. Another sentence that stood out for me was, “What will you have without a job?” This stood out for me because I also agree to this one. What will you have with no job? I agree with you on this because I think that Oakland should make some absolute changes and help immigrant people do jobs, and money can run out by buying groceries and all of that. Thank you for writing this. I would like you to answer these 2 questions.

    Why did you chose this topic? What made you wanna write this and publish it on Youth Voices?

    Thank you for your time and your writing. I hope to hear from you soon and seeing what you write next because I am really interested in what you have here.



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