Oakland has a trash problem and therefore its making the streets of Oakland dirty by cans bottles. Paper,chip bags carton etc but the biggest trash is old furniture, old mattresses and scrap metal like an old refrigerator broken down car or stolen car that hasn’t been picked up by a tow truck and they will get rid of it so other people can get a parking space and the car won’t be a problem anymore.


How much trash is thrown in the streets of Oakland you be surprised because last year public workers picked up 1,654 tons of trash and they got 11,500 calls to pick up the trash, Is not just bottles, paper,chip bags etc it’s also old mateses old furniture also that gets thrown out on the sidewalk and when there is a lot of trash that is not geting pcked up people can’t walk on the sidewalks and have a peaceful time but instead they have to walk around the trash if it is is that big of a pile (Vivian).

Also one thing that trash gets accumulated is the homeless people are picking it up and taking it to their camp’s like old couches for them to sit in and more things that they find on the streets and claim it, they might help by picking up cans and plastic bottles but there help is not doing it. Stray dogs will get into trash cans to try to get something to eat but they will only make a mess by leaving it on the sidewalk and one more animal that does the same thing are the raccoon’s they’re also trying to get a meal too but they just end up leaving a mess of spoiled food on the street.

Trashed cars/stolen cars take up parking space and they’re trashed because whoever stole it took its wheels radio or if they go to the next step doors, the cars could be stolen or could got in a car crash and left it there. If it was stolen they could burn and take all the parts and sell them and it will be left there for weeks or months until the police or owner call a tow truck to get it of the street and get it fix. Cars are not also the problem it’s used needles that are in the sidewalk from heroin users or some other type of act that they been used so they thrown out the needles and that’s a haderdiz issue for people because they can get hiv or other diseases       

Manly of the amount of trash that is in the streets are that people throw out or they don’t know where to take it like furniture or old cars so they just leave it on the street so other people can take care of it for them, also it may cost money to take a old car to a dump and it might also cost money to take old furniture to get rid off so they can just leave it and get it cared of for free when the public workers come out and pick up all the trash from the streets.If Oakland can make it cheaper to get rid of  trash or teach people were to take their trash to a dump and they won’t be any more furniture or old cars in the streets of Oakland.

Cans or plastic bottles aren’t a big problem because they’re recycle centers in Oakland that won’t charge a dime and they will give you cash for your plastic bottles and there are some recycle centers in Oakland that you can take plastic bottles,cans and some accept glass bottles as well and they will  pay you depending on how much it weighs if it weighs a little bit you wont get a lot of cash but if it weighs a lot you will get more money out of it.

LIon Creek in Oakland is also trashed it may be some trash that been pushed by the air or people that throw it there and  don’t care about what type of animals that live there can die from the plastics or bags that get throw in the creek it could be a beautiful place to hangout but the people just trash it and wont do nothing about it they just prefer to keep Oakland full of trash than have it clean and nice.

Ho, Vivian. “Tons of garbage dumped on Oakland streets.” SFGate, San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Dec. 2013, www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Tons-of-garbage-dumped-on-Oakland-streets-5092860.php. This website can be cited because it tells you a lot of what type of trash has been dumped out and it was helpful to get me started on my blog and it told how much trash as on the streets of Oak;and and got  11,500 calls to pick up the trassh and they picked up a total of 1,624 tons of trash


Jr., Otis R. Taylor. “Oakland trashed by garbage.” San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, 31 May 2017, www.sfchronicle.com/news/article/Oakland-trashed-by-garbage-11183553.php?cmpid=gsa-sfgate-result. it’s a good piece of writing because it shows you how much money Oakland spens to keep the city clean and spot on but it just keeps getting trashed by people and Oakland is just wasting money and the money that they spend a year $6.5 million a year on street sweeping and $5.5 million to curb dumping



CC BY-SA 4.0 How much trash is in Oakland and what type? by Leo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Kimberly 1 year ago

    Dear Leo,
    I really like your paragraph because you are giving statistics about Oakland has a lot of trash. But then you start to talk about how we can change Oakland and how we can make Oakland look better. A quote that I really like is when you say ” In the creek it could be a beautiful place to hangout but the people just trash it and wont do nothing about it:”. I really like this quote because I agree with you when you say that we can have a beautiful creek but people just don’t care. Some people wanna have a place where it is peaceful. Not a place where you have to step on trash everywhere you walk.

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