How is Health Care in Oakland? Is it helping?

Since Donald Trump became president there hasn’t been ObamaCare. How are people going to pay for the medical damages if they get injured and especially people with disabilities or a mental illness or what about car crashes with ObamaCare? No matter who is president and what the health care is in our country, it is clear that more needs to be done for families with Special Needs and people should be speaking up and creating awareness about this. I think if people should really make a change for people who need support
My mom Rosa Gonzalez has lived in Oakland for about 18 or 19 years now and is dealing with 2 girls with disabilities called cerebral palsy ever since (Trump) doesn’t wanna help HealthCare or hasn’t really talked about HealthCare it’s been a hassle dealing with how are we gonna pay with the medical things they are gonna need?. In my opinion I think people aren’t doing anything to change that they aren’t protesting they aren’t making websites that are catching people’s eyes or trying to catch our president’s eyes to change how better HealthCare was before. People haven’t realized how important this is to people with special needs. One reason, they probably don’t bring up the subject is because they don’t have to deal with the things people with mental illness or special needs deal with. There was this thing called Obama Care which also really helped people but Trump decided to remove that because since Barack Obama isn’t president anymore he gets to do the things he wants and remove ObamaCare when it’s really been helping people and the things they are needing. “As Trump demanded Obamacare’s repeal, he also insisted it was imploding. “Let Obamacare fail and it will be a lot easier,” Trump said after one failed legislative attempt this summer.”. (Glenza) If Trump takes off ObamaCare how is it gonna help the community?.:
For instance, I’m 14 years old and growing up watching my mom struggle with my sisters has affected me because I don’t have a dad in my life and my dad decided not to help my mom when she was dealing with what to do with my sisters. I wanted to make a change and show people with families that have kids or family with medical problems do need this type of support. You’re probably wondering why do we need this? People need this because they wanna help people who are sick and keep them alive. I wanna show people that what are we gonna do if we don’t have anything to help our family can you find a solution to help others in need?. Sometimes I think I wish my siblings weren’t the ones who were born with a sickness and have to deal with all the problems they are dealing with.
Secondly, my older brother Jorge Ruiz thought the same way he’s been living for 20 years in Oakland growing up he seen more things than me like seeing what my mom did to help my older sisters. Back then in the 1990s people didn’t have to struggle with HealthCare and back then people didn’t really care about HealthCare or didn’t even know it existed. But now we are in 2018 and HealthCare is a really big thing I think HealthCare really affects Oakland because Oakland is dangerous place and there can be an accident happening in a any minute. My older brother Jorge ruiz thinks us Oaklanders need to improve on that showing that we need Health care because Oakland is small and there’s a lot of damages. And myself I do agree things in 2018 need to improve and change because our president doesn’t wanna help people who need help he isn’t a very supportive president like people expected to be.
To illustrate, I think people need to make a change and show people that HealthCare is a really big thing to people and people in it in their lives to help them when they have a medical problem. Sometimes I wonder what will Oakland be like without HealthCare? What are people gonna do to help themselves and others. If I was a single mother raising 2 girls with cerebral palsy I know I would do something I wanna show others how difficult it is to raise 2 girls with those types of conditions.

Annotated Bibliography
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I interviewed my older brother Jorge ruiz. He lives in Oakland and goes to Sonoma State College. I interviewed him about Health Care and how he feels about Oakland. He has lived in Oakland for 20 years.
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I interviewed my mom Rosa Gonzalez. She lives in Oakland and has lived in Oakland for 46 years. I interviewed her about Health Care and how she feels about Oakland.

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The article is about Donald Trump removing Obama Care because he claims that our world will be better without ObamaCare. We need to trust and believe that Donald Trump doesn’t remove Obama Care because it will ruin our community.



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  1. Anthony 3 years ago

    Dear Gaby,
    I am interested in your post “How is Health Care in Oakland? is it helping?” because health care isn’t seen as a major issue currently, even though it is. I really liked how you decided to talk about this topic because you made it seem as if health care needs to be buffed, or made greater. Something that really stood out to me was
    “You’re probably wondering why do we need this? People need this because they wanna help people who are sick and keep them alive. I wanna show people that what are we gonna do if we don’t have anything to help our family can you find a solution to help others in need?”. This interested me because it explains your thoughts explicitly as to why we need better health care for ALL, not just people with higher incomes. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because there are more ideas that can be expressed through different forms of writing.

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