Gentrification in Oakland

Imagine you woke up tomorrow and some of your friends are packing up and leaving to another city, or your favorite food restaurant is closing down because of the gentrification that is happening in your city. That is how gentrification affects people.  Gentrification is “The buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, raising property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses”( Why is Gentrification bad? I think Gentrification is bad for Oakland because prices of homes are rising, There is less diversity of colored people in Oakland, It is hurting people’s health.


Part of the reason that gentrification is bad is because of the pricing of homes rising, which is bad since some people can’t afford the prices rising. In a article from KQED News  they talk about the effects of home prices rising she wrote,”The place where prices are rising the fastest isn’t San Francisco anymore — it’s Oakland. Between July 2011 and July 2016 the median price of a home nearly doubled to $626,000, according to real estate website Trulia. And median rents went up by $1,100 during that time”df(Allen-Price). This is important because some people living in Oakland could barely pay rent and since they can not afford it then it is causing them to move out. I interviewed Jennifer Sanchez a 9th grade student at Life Academy High school in Oakland, California. Jennifer sated, “ I’ve seen people moving out, because they can’t afford their houses because rent is going up” (Sanchez). This quote is important  because it shows how gentrification affects people negatively in Oakland.


Another reason why Gentrification is bad for Oakland is because Oakland is  less diverse than it used to be. This is bad because a lot of people come to Oakland because they feel safe and at home because of the diversity of people. In a interview of Rodrigo Sandoval-Perez, a school counselor who grew up in Oakland I asked what is a big problem that gentrification caused in oakland, he answered “People come here for the culture and now the culture is leaving”(Sandoval-Perez). Sandoval used “culture”; what is culture? Culture means food, religion, language, traditions art, etc. which mostly comes from colored people, and since colored people are forced to leave the culture is leaving with them.


My last reason that gentrifications has a negative impact towards Oakland is because it is also hurting people’s health. In a website named “,” the author said,”In fact, displacement can exacerbate health problems, forcing residents to spend more money and time commuting to work and leaving them less to spend on healthcare and food”(McCamy). This quote is important because It proves that since people of Oakland using their time and money on their house that they don’t have enough money to eat good healthy food.  

My counter argument is that some people disagree with me and think that gentrification is a positive change to Oakland. The reason because they might disagree with me is because since the community is upgrading their buildings and houses the people that do crimes might move away and the crime rate might decrease. Also since there are going to be more expensive restaurants there is also might be more jobs.


To conclude I think that gentrification is a negative impact on Oakland because the house prices are rising, the people of diversity of color are decreasing, and it is also affecting people’s health negatively.




Annotated bibliography


Allen-Price, Olivia. “How Many Are Being Displaced by Gentrification in Oakland?” KQED News, 10 Feb. 2017,


KQED News reported a article talking all about gentrification and its effect on house pricing. Also specifically how it is affecting people of color and the statistics. This is credible because it is a public media source from San Francisco and has been around for over 50 years. This article was published within the last year.




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