Drugs in U.S.

How have drugs in Latin American countries influenced the United States? It has come to my attention that Latin countries have influenced the United States in a dismal way because Cartels are finding more and more ways to sneak drugs into the U.S. and this unfortunately increases negative stereotypes towards Latinos.


Over time Cartels have found clever ways to sneak drugs into the US. Mike Lasusa wrote an article about five clever ways people sneak in drugs into the US.  To begin, I read this article and it talks about five different clever ways Cartels smuggle drug into the US. Lasusa says ¨The drugs are usually hidden in commercial or passenger vehicles transiting official checkpoints. But in recent years, crime groups have begun to experiment with a wide range of innovative methods for moving illicit cargo past one of the world’s most heavily guarded borders and into the most lucrative drug market¨ (Lasusa). This is significant because itś influencing the U.S in a dismal way. This is important because more youth will get involved with drugs. Nowadays you 15-18 year olds doing all theses types of drugs such as (xanax, marijuana, cocaine,). All these drugs can influence anyone into trying them, getting addicted, and maybe even overdosing. In 2017 this rapper (lil peep) overdosed on xanax because they were linked with fentanyl. Moreover, I interviewed a fellow community member, Angel Vazquez, and heś been living with his mom in Oakland his whole life. Has divorced parents, and had it hard growing up in Oakland. He says ¨ I mean I had it tough growing up in oakland, I live in a very dangerous part of Oakland more known like Deep East Oakland. I’ve had some encounters with drugs in my life. I’ve seen people sell drugs outside my house, I see people doing drugs, I’ve heard people get killed for drugs. Things a kid shouldn’t see¨    (Vazquez). This is signiant because this community member went through alot of stuff because of drugs. This is showing that my thesis is correct because those drugs might come to latin countries.



Secondly, because of cartels there is more negative stereotypes of latinos. To begin, I interviewed two fellow community members of Oakland. The first person I interviewed was born in Mexico but came to the U.S to have a better life and to give her kids a better life. This woman’s name was Yazmin Calderon. She said” living in Mexico half of my life was full of violence because of the wars between Cartels and the police. I’ve been stereotyped so many times they say my husband is a Narco because I ride in a nice car, they say this because of the shoes I wear, what my kids wear” (Calderon). This is significant because her husband might have worked very hard for what he has now, the job he has now.  Not having papers might have made him work even harder for what he has now. Moreover, I interviewed another member of Oakland community. I interviewed a man named Luis Armando Granados. He said “ coming from mexico having no papers or documents it was my best option. I used to sell drugs in Mami and went to jail for 3 years. This made the stereotypes they say about my race somewhat true. That’s why I left that life behind me ”(grandos). This is significant it refers back to my thesis. This is important because he is releasing from his mistakes and he is releasing that if he continues doing that he is not proving those stereotypes wrong.   




Counter argument

Some might say that the stereotype of drugs with latinos isn’t the most important one. People say the most important stereotype that people should fix before the drug one is “ all latinos are undocumented”. I read an article on hispanics and this stereotype about how all latinos are undocumented it says “  A considerable number of Americans believe that Latinos are all recent immigrants to the U.S. and that unauthorized migrants to the country exclusively come from Mexico. Others believe that Hispanics all speak Spanish and have the same ethnic traits.

In fact, Latinos are a more diverse group than the public generally recognizes.

Some Hispanics are white. Others are black. Some speak English only. Others speak indigenous languages. This overview breaks down the stereotypes (Thought.co). This is significant because this issue should be solved and should not be a stereotype. As said in the quote some latin americans might be white or might be black not all are from mexico.



In conclusion, how has drugs from latin countries influenced the U.S. It has come to my attention that cartels are finding more and more ways to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Also there is more negative stereotypes of latin american and drugs.


Annotated bibliography



Lasusa, Mike . “5 Clever Ways Mexico Cartels Move Drugs Across US Border.” Crime, 20 Sept. 2017, www.insightcrime.org/news/analysis/5-clever-ways-mexico-cartels-move-drugs-over-us-border/. I site this source because different cartels have smuggled drugs into the US with clever ways ton doing it. This source is credible because it a foundation dedicated towards crimes in latin america.


Vazquez , Angel. “Drug interview.” 3 Jan. 2018.


I interviewed Angel to get to know his life experiences on his connection to drugs. Vazquez’s lives in a pretty bad neighborhood in Deep East Oakland. Vazquez is credible because he has life experiences on drugs.


Calderon, Yazmin. “Drug interview.” 28 Dec. 2017.


I interviewed this woman to find out a little bit more about drugs and its influence in Oakland. Calderon used to live in Mexico and now lives in the US. Calderon is credible because she has life experiences on the drug trade in Mexico to US.


Granados, Luis Armando. “Drug interview.” 28 Dec. 2017.


I interviewed Luis Armando Granados to find out about his experiences with drugs in Oakland. Grandos used to live in Mami and had life experiences with being a dealer and also getting incarcerated . Granados is credible because he has life experiences with this topic.


Nittle, Nadra Kareem. “Myths and Stereotypes About Hispanics and Immigration.” ThoughtCo,

www.thoughtco.com/hispanics-and-immigration-myths-stereotypes-2834527. This source is credible because its a organization on latin americans.I sited this source because it talks about the effect on undocumented mexicans and immigration.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Drugs in the U.S by Joshua is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Ben 10 months ago

    Dear Joshua,

    When I read your article “Drugs in the U.S” I was not surprised by the number of the number of drugs that are in America. These drugs cross the border illegally and normally. These drugs are brought in by Latino Americans. One sentence that surprised me was “Nowadays you 15-18-year old’s doing all these types of drugs such as (Xanax, marijuana, cocaine,)”. I think this is unbelievable that they are to get these drugs at this young age. Another sentence that I was surprised by was “I’ve been stereotyped so many times they say my husband is a Narco because I ride in a nice car, they say this because of the shoes I wear, what my kids wear”. This stood out to me because that’s such a rude stereotype to give to someone. I don’t strongly agree with all Latino Americans are undocumented, because some came here legally to have a better life not to deal drugs. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this topic is a serious issue for our generation. This is also intriguing topic.

  2. David 11 months ago

    After reading your post, I agree that Latin American countries have influenced the United States because the drugs brought into the U.S lead to addiction, Illegal drugs lead to gang violence, and many lives have been taken from Illegal drugs.

    To begin with, illegal drugs that are brought in lead to addiction. In the U.S about “23.5 million americans are addicted to illegal drugs”(1) that were brought in by latin americans. This shows that many people are addicted to them and they can’t stop. I think that this is the main reason why drugs are bad because they are addictive and people are too attached to them which could affect people’s health and life. In 2011 approximately “20.6 million people in the U.S at the age of 12 have an addiction.”(2) This is saying that 20.6 million kids are smoking and could be getting affected by it. This shocks me because a lot of underaged kids are doing drugs.

    Secondly, illegal drugs lead to gang violence. In Fort Worth, Texas, “a 19-year-old gang member was sentenced 30 years in prison for fatally shooting a childhood friend for wanting to leave their local street gang.”(3) This shows that drugs lead to gang members being aggressive and even killing people they know well. When I read this i was surprised because he just killed his childhood friend that he’s know his whole life just because he wanted to leave his street gang. Also “Large street gangs readily employ violence to control and expand drug distribution activities, targeting rival gangs and dealers who neglect or refuse to pay extortion fees.”(4) This evidence shows that gangs will be violent because of drugs.This is crazy because gang members will go this far and want to kill people just because of drugs.

    My last reason is that many lives have been taken as a result of illegal drugs. In the U.S about “570,000 people die annually due to drug use.”(5) This shows that many peoples lives are taken each year because of drugs.This is sad because 570,000 people die because of how bad drugs are and how it affects them. Also “100 people die everyday from drug overdoses”(6)and it has tripled from the past 20 years. That evidence is showing that there are a lot of people dying day by day because of drugs and that number has risen over the past 20 years. This is bad because in one day 100 people die from overdoses because they are so addicted to drugs. My last piece of evidence is that, “323 people have died in chicago gang violence.”(7) This shows that so far many people have died in gang violence in chicago and it could be because of drugs.This is horrible because they year just started and already 323 people have died because of gang violence.

    Overall, drugs are bad because it affects people in many different ways. Also because Latin American countries influenced the U.S and now many people in the U.S are changing due to drugs.

  3. Joe 11 months ago

    After reading your post, I agree with you that drugs in the United States is a big deal, But the real problem is the gangs selling them and killing for them, that’s the issue, According to the FBI they say “There are over 1.4 million gang members throughout the U.S. and over 33,000 violent street gangs”(1). Drug usage throughout the last few years has been a huge problem According to CNN in this text that “Over 22 million Americans have used illegal drugs and marijuana use has spiked to a whopping 17 million users”(2), Although it cannot kill you that doesn’t mean you can’t be arrested or killed over it.

    People buying these drugs in the use are at very high risk of an overdose or just straight up ruining their life and future.
    Over 570,000 people in 2016 died from excessive drug use, instead of doing drugs people should really just find a hobby that won’t kill you. In 2016 more people died from overdosing on illegal drugs than the Vietnam war(3). After an interview with my favorite teacher Ms.Andresen she stated this,“When my sister was on drugs she lost her home all her money and the people she loved, Drugs changed her a lot”.

    Every year there is so many deaths from gang violence in the U.S. and Puerto Rico this can affect the families or close friends of these gang members. 80% of gun homicides in the U.S. were gang related in 2016 (4) That means that most people who are killed every year is related to a gang, Drugs are so easy to access maybe if we didn’t make it as easy as buying it in a store than less people would end up hurt. You may say Chicago is known for Navy pier or its towering skyscrapers but what I think of is gang violence, in 2016 762 people were killed in just the city and those numbers doubled since 2015 (5).

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and thank you for helping spread awareness of these horrible issues we are having in our country.

  4. Donald 11 months ago

    After reading your I agree that drugs influence the U.S and kids. Drugs do influence the U.S and the youth. Firstly, drugs can influence someone’s action from who ever uses them, in an article about cocaine effects it stated ¨Drugs that are psychoactive are, such as cannabis, alcohol. Ecstasy and heroin , have the ability to affect you mood¨ (1) this shows how how people mood starts to change when they start taking drugs and how most of the drugs used by teenagers have mood changes after they start taking them. Secondly another quote from a text is ¨Most people who use cocaine whether they snort it or smoke it in its crack form- focus so heavily on these side effects that they do not consider the serious mood changes they will more likely undergo soon after they begin to abuse the drugs¨ (2) this shows how people mood starts to change once they start to take the drug and the author of this quote used cocaine as an example.

    My second reason is youth will get more involved with drugs, one piece of evidence I have is ¨Research shows that drug use often starts in the teen years¨ (3) this evidence shows how researchers found how drug users started out in their teen years because drugs affect your brain differently when your younger. I think that teen who take drugs start lose connection with their family and hang out more around with their friends who also do the drug.

    Finally my last reason is drugs change the way the youth acts. I found some quotes and evidence that prove my reason and are connected ¨Doing drugs can also cause problems with friends, in sports, and in school.¨(4) this tells me that not only do drugs change the way the youth acts but also can cause some problems with school academically. I think that drugs will only make things harder in life as when this quote told me that drugs make it hard to do school work and have friends.

  5. Duke 11 months ago

    After reading your post, I agree that the U.S is affected by illegal drugs. Your first point, Sneaking Drugs, was a solid reason but the problem is your evidence that you selected was not very convincing or specific enough to support your claim. That evidence is relevant, but the problem is it does not show how bringing in drugs illegally affect the U.S, rather only how. You also linked Lil Peep, a rapper who passed away last year from overdosing. It would be a relevant point, IF you found evidence to support that the drugs he overdosed on were illegally imported. Lil Peep died from Xanax overdose, as stated by TMZ. Xanax can be prescribed mainly to treat anxiety and panic attacks, as said by Drugabuse.org (1). This means unlike the illegal drugs cocaine and heroin, Xanax can be obtained legally. Granted, there is a market for illegal Xanax, but even if you made a point about Xanax being illegally imported which you didn’t, you never had evidence to support Lil Peep dying for drugs being snuck in. I agree with your reasons, but you need to elaborate more.

    Another reason to support the claim of how illegal drugs affect the U.S is that illegal drugs affect the economy of the U.S.A. Jeff Dasjardian’s infographic shows a lot of shocking statistics that drugs have on the economy. $23.8 million a year is spent on to pay for the War on Drugs ,2,300,000 inmates who are incaracted are incarcerated due to drugs, and $34.5 million are a year spent to pay for drug related charges. This shows just the sheer amount of money that was needed to be spent just to fund to stop drugs, and the war to punish criminals involved with drugs. That much money could be used to help support the military, government projects, or homeless people but instead the money is being used to punish people who misuse the illegal drugs. That is only one way that drugs affect our country.

    Additionally, Illegal drugs are outright killing citizens of the U.S. In 2015 13,000 died from cocaine, 6,500 died from heroin, and 64,000 died from overdose of drugs in general as stated by drugabuse.org. You simply cannot ignore how much things like drugs affect our people. To say that illegal drugs are not much of a problem and our harmless, would simply not be true as it is NOT harmless as it has been killing people. That should be enough of a reason as it ends lives but, but sadly though, overdose is not the only way that people have died from drugs.

    Lastly, Illegal drugs can lead a person to depression, which then leads them into commiting suicide. The proof for this is shown by Medical News’ “The top 10 leading causes of deaths in the U.S”. They state that 42,000 people die a year from suicide and that the risk factors are “Depression”. So the evidence does show that many people die from suicide a year, but the problem is there is no way to link that drugs were the cause of the suicide. Except there is. Heroin.net (3) claims that “ ⅓ Women and ⅕ Men as a cause of heroine become depressed.” So while there is no direct link, saying that because drugs can make you depressed, and being depressed can cause you to commit suicide, drugs actually can be the cause of suicide as it can start a chain reaction that makes someone want to end their life. So not only does it make you depressed, it can also make you want to end your life, which not only affects the person who commited suicide but their friends, families, and people close to them. These illegal drugs are very harmful to people.

    All in all, because drugs have made us as American citizens spend millions of money to fight them and cause us a great deal of harm through depressions and suicide, it is very safe to say that illegal drugs definitely negatively affect the U.S and it’s people.

  6. Luisa 11 months ago

    After reading your post, I agree that Latin countries have influenced the United States in a dismal way because Cartels are finding more and more ways to sneak drugs and this unfortunately increases negative stereotypes towards Latinos.

    To begin with, due to the cause of cartels there is more negative stereotypes of latinos. One evidence that shows this is true is because there has been an interview about this woman saying “Living in Mexico half of my life was full of violence because of the wars between Cartels and the police. I’ve been stereotyped so many times they say my husband is a Narco because I ride in a nice car, they say this because of the shoes I wear, what my kids wear.” (1). This shows that just because this woman spent half of her life in Mexico she and her husband have been stereotyped for being Cartels since her family has nice clothes or a car or what her kids wear. To add on during Donald Trump campaign he said that all mexicans are criminals and “rapists” cause of the MS-13, which is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California,US in the 1960s. (2). This shows that Donald Trump believes that all Mexicans are terrible people just because of other latinos that have sold drugs and killed or harmed people.

    Secondly, Cartels have found clever ways to sneak in drugs into the U.S. I know this because the first “narco tunnel” from Mexico to the U.S. in the 1990 was discovered which ran 273 feet from a magnificent house in Mexico, Agua Prieta to Arizona and it was equipped with a drainage system, electric lighting and a trolley to more the drugs. (3). To add on, drug dealers/cartels used drones to sneak in drugs and two men got arrested for receiving 28 pounds of heroin that was flown across the border of Mexico by a drone. (4). This shows that drug dealers do anything to find a way to sell and sneak in drugs into the U.S.

    Lastly,there are stereotypes that people think that “all latinos are undocumented”. To prove this is is true according to The Pew Hispanic Research Center have found that illegal immigration from Mexico has been declined.In 2007 an estimate of 7 million unauthorized immigrants lived in the United States but after three years the number dropped to 6.5 million. (5). Also by 2010 Mexicans comprised 58% of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and unauthorized immigrants from elsewhere in Latin America 23% of the undocumented population followed by Asia,Europe, Canada and Africa. (6).

    I believe that all latinos and latinas are different not all the same. Just because some latinos have done terrible things it doesn’t mean that all latinos are the same.

  7. Kris 11 months ago

    Dear Joshua,

    I appreciate you for sharing your work. I really liked the way your interviews tied in with your counter argument, because it showed how it is not easy to be a latino that is being heavily stereotyped because of what they look like or if they act differently. Selling drugs is heavily related with from Central American decent so if you have something nice they think you sell drugs or earn money illegally. Being undocumented in the United States is not easy, it really affects what you can and can not do, especially when you are being stereotyped with something like this.

    • Author
      Joshua 11 months ago

      Thank you kris with a k for replying back to my blog on drugs in the us. thank you for agreeing with me and i hope to read some blogs or articles you might write in the future. Have an amazing day you might be across the world no one knows. Sinclery, joshua

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