Animal testing is necessary to develop new medicines and vaccines. I think animals possess some rights like not being abused. I believe we should only be able to use animals for medical reasons because animals aren’t as important as losing humans just for the testing vaccine. I assume that if we didn’t test on animals, we wouldn’t be able to test any vaccines to see what could work to stop the spread of diseases and fight of any disease. I believe it’s human nature to eat meat because we need to be able to get protein from meat and its good for us. I think we only exploit animals in zoos because we take animals against their will and they just stay in captivity and, we keep in cages where they aren’t free to roam around doing what they want however all of them are looked after making sure they are healthy.


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  1. Wyonae 3 months ago

    Dear luis

    The thought of animals dying for our needs was interesting in you post. I agree with you about us needing to harm animals for protein and to test on them to fix diseases. And I like the idea that you talked about the zoo and how we need animals for protein.

  2. Stephanie 4 months ago

    I think this is very important for people to know but i also believe that if we did not test on animals we would not be able to have those right vaccines for humans and i mean your right its wrong but we also need those as well and yes that’s very wrong for zoo’s to keep animals in cages and take away their freedom.

  3. Fredy 4 months ago

    Hi Luis,
    My name is fredy i’m from california and i was looking to your post and I am surprised with your post, animals are “dying for our need”, because I learned many things that did know and it help me understand. A quote the stands for me is the “i believe that animals have some rights like not being abused. I think we should only be able to use animals for medical reasons because animals are not as important as humans for the test vaccine. I suppose if we did not test on animals, we could not try any vaccine to see what might work to stop the spread of disease and fight against any disease.” This post is something that would help the person to understand how to treat an animal and how to take care of it because as an animal you care about your health you have to take care of theirs. Another thing that would help us to understand that the animates are if they were a person because they also eat and also have to pay attention too them. In my opinion that is something that it grathfull for putting this post because when people read it they will realize how to treat an animal and not be so bad with them. I hope you keep putting more poems and that you talk more about me because it looks very interesting and very understood how to treat animals and how to see how important animals are.

  4. Grace 4 months ago

    This is a very interesting topic. As someone who works with animals in zoos and aquariums, a majority of the animals there are rescued, cannot be released back into the wild due to injuries or simply being bred into captivity, or are being rehabilitated. I think it’d be great to research this further in either animal testing or animal captivity. Lush is a great resource for finding out more about animal testing in the cosmetics world, while websites dedicated to zoos and aquariums are a good place to find out why the animals are there and what laws governments put in place to protect the animal population.

  5. Johnny 5 months ago

    Luis, this is a verying interesting piece of writing. I think it was good how you talked about zoos in our society and also how we test our vaccines and different medical drugs on animals like mice for example. This is a perspective I have never paid much thought to. This is super interesting and I’d love to hear more!

  6. Chris 6 months ago

    I think it’s really interesting how you made a connection to zoos and our societies consumption of meat to testing vaccines on animals. I never though of like that, and it helps to put a broader perspective on the moral choices involved.

  7. Alexandra 10 months ago

    Luis, I really enjoyed your discussion on animal testing. I also liked how you brought in the idea of zoos being areas of exploitation. That was super insightful. I think this article about animal testing will help!

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