Animal testing is unethical, and the government needs to outlaw it. Animal bodies are different from a human body, so when they put the vaccine into the animal the symptoms is not the same as a human and it is a waste of time to test it on the animal. The vaccine causes the Animal to have vomit and diarrhea, itchy skin, swelling, severe coughing, and collapse. Animal testing is dangerous because when the animal dies,  the scientist sells it to the meat department and gives it to people who cause humans to get food poisoned and sick. Keeping Animals in a zoo is abuse because they don’t have enough space to be wild. Animals do know the difference between being caged and free. No animal should cage because it messes up a human environment. Animals help our nature stay healthy. Eating meat is human nature because we need meat to survive and be healthy. I am against giving Animals vaccine because it tortures them and poisons the meat people eat.


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  1. Casey 1 year ago

    Animal testing is necessary because if we tested vaccines on people that were harmful, we would be killing humans and not animals. I understand that some testing on animals is unnecessary like testing shampoos and other beauty products, but vaccine testing is completely necessary because we are taking lives into consideration. Below I have included a link to a website that explains why it is a necessity.


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