Animal testing is unethical and should be banned because it’s wrong to use animals as test subjects even if it’s a successful experiment. Animals possess the right to live freely without being used by humans. Humans have no rights to use animals as they wish because it’s wrong to manipulate another living thing. New Medicines could be developed without animal testing because we can test with humans and probably get a more accurate result since we would experiment on humans. Humans eating meat is human nature because it’s healthy for you if you cook it right. Humans don’t exploit animals if kept as pets because it’s mostly optional. However if animals are in a zoo, they are being oppressed by humans because they are being taken against their will. I believe it’s wrong to manipulate or try to take control of powerless living objects for our purposes.


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  1. Maggie 1 year ago

    Eduardo, I really liked the topic of your post. I think it is a very important topic that everyone should be aware of. Do you think there is anything we can do to change this horrible practice? There are a lot of people that use many products that companies partake in testing their products on animals. Why do you think that humans have no right to test on animals? Do you think that the same laws that apply to us should apply to animals as well? I think that there is a lot that you can talk about within this post. Here is an article that I found about testing on animals:
    Great post!

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