This piece was inspired from me trying to fit in school and how my grades wasn’t

good and i was always told i was going to be a dropout but

something changed me and i became a different person .

Growing up i always

Thought school was hard

In 7th, school started to get hard

Trying to fit in

It was peer pressure

People said i was …


Making progress instead

Grades were dropping

Still was trying to fit in

Tried to fit in because

I wanted to be like them

But instead i was a weirdo

Kid like a piece of discarded cheese

Years went passed…


Got to high school started

To think fitting in was not good

Looked different from other kids

But i didn’t change who i am

My body carried a shield

Cause i was different

Carrying the shield made me fit in

Because i was like wonder women


Only because i didn’t

Act like the original kids

My shield showed me  how  i dressed different

Talk different

Seem like everything

 Was different


My shield

Protected me not because

I wanted to fit in because

I’m a powerful young women

This shield meant something

Without it i wouldn’t be strong

It helped me with everything

Even in school when im trying


To fit in with other kids

This Is My Body


CC BY-SA 4.0 This Is My Body Poem by Quenshawn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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