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My street interviews took place on tremont with my two peers and my teacher on January 11 , 2018 . That experience was okay it wasn’t that bad i thought it was going to be way more harder it was actually easy because i didn’t really have to do much people wanted to get interviewed without me even asking them to , the people was very nice didn’t bump into nobody that was rude or anything.

“Kids need communication with their parents.“

When i heard this quote i automatically already knew that , communication is key to be honest

Another quote that stuck out to me was “If you let stuff build up in you and be closed with everyone it can be bad.“

Hearing this quote made me realize that , it’s true you can’t let stuff build up because it’s going to end bad in the end , you have to lets           stuff out.

“Kids bring a lot of stress.“

Hearing this quote is what makes me not want kids so early , i wouldn’t know because i’m not a mom but i can only imagine what young mother or mothers in general go through.


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