Posted by Jean Carlos on January 18, 2018

Depression And Ways To Avoid It

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This interview took place at East Tremont. I’m interviewing a man name Bless. With the help of my peer samson who goes to Pulse High School with me, we recorded Bless because we’re doing a project in a class called New Media Arts. The question I ask Bless was…

“Did you had any experience with depression in your life.”

“I got depressed… when my mother passed away it was ruff… I gotten incarcerated… I had no one to talk to cause the only person I trust was my mother.”

Hearing this quote just made me realize that my mom has help me through a lot.There was one time where I had a very bad asthma attack when I was little, I gotten really scared but my help me the whole time; She help me by keeping me calm and relax when going to the hospital.

Another quote that stuck out to me was when I ask Bless…

“Do you think theres anyway to avoid depression?”

“What I do is I pray… do yoga… and talk to positive people… we need more programs like this to address this issue.”

Hearing this quote again, I’m starting to understand that there are many ways to deal with depression. It opens my eyes because this quote is saying that there are always ways to fight depression, for Bless he has done yoga and prayed. Doing activities can help people with depression as it did for Bless.Now keeping this in mind, if you have depression in your life remember there are always ways for you to fight it, you should have positive people around you who will care and support you in your time of need and to look at the the positive things in life.