Author: Zoe

A Thousand Word Face

She is beauty. She is grace. However, she will actually punch you in the face. Beneath this gorgeous exterior is a feisty, free spirit that’s not afraid to make herself know. Her name is Samantha, and she is a coffee fiend, amazing photographer, and fierce friend.

Before I really knew her, she approached me one day after crew practice. “Hi, I’m Samantha,” she said. “And you have really nice legs.” Our friendship has grown ever since. We were in many of the same boats together and became close, like sisters. Her bad days were my sad days. And vice versa. We care for and try our hardest to lift each other up. We drink copious amounts of coffee together, go to the gym and squat together, take pictures of each other…I mean, even our dogs go on dates together.

Sam is one of the most kind hearted, caring, and fiercest people I know. She is, if you couldn’t tell by the photo, one of the most beautiful people I know as well. Her soul is truly reflected in her beauty. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

I hope every one of you has someone like this in your life. Someone who you can call and cry to on a Tuesday evening, someone who makes you experimental lattes, who pushes you to be the best person you can be. Never let that person go.