Voter ID laws have been debated for many reasons, and there are many pros and cons. I wanted to look into if the ways voter ID laws are set up benefit the people as well as security. Voting is a very important matter, because is it our main way of participating politically as citizens of the United States.

The Bill of Rights Institute published an article that goes into depth about the pros and cons of Voter ID laws. Main issues with voter ID laws surround the difficulty of many citizens to obtain an ID that is valid to vote with. Because not every person has the same access to an ID, these laws discriminate many people from voting. It has also been proven that voter ID laws have disadvantages minorities more than they have minorities.

Voter turnout rates are low enough. An article by The Onion sarcastically states that a pro to voter ID laws is that they “Could help temper the country’s embarrassingly high voter turnout rates.” We need votes from everyone, and voter ID laws only imit who wants to make an effort to go vote.  

Voter ID laws have been put into place to prevent voter fraud and make sure that each citizen only votes once. This is important to keep elections free, but in my opinion, giving everyone the right to vote is just as important to keep elections free as having security to prevent fraud. In the United States, voter fraud has not been a problem for the majority of the country. As the Bill of Rights Institute says, “Voting fraud is so rare that it is unnecessary to require an ID.”

We need to have the ability to vote, and that ability needs to be equal for everyone living in the United States. It isn’t fair that something like voter ID laws could prevent a certain group from representing themselves with a vote. I think that voter ID laws are a good idea, but and should remain in place, but only if changes are made. Obtaining an ID needs to be something everyone has access to, and it should not be harder for certain groups to attain one. If every citizen of the United States had an ID they could easily attain and vote with, I think voter ID laws would be completely reasonable, and that is what we should aim for in the future.


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  1. Lexi 1 year ago

    Really interesting article! I like how different it is ( I would not have thought to write about it, yet it is still incredibly prevalent.) I think ID laws are such a tricky thing to balance, because we want as many people as possible to vote, but we also want it to be as easy as possible for people to vote, without any extra hassle. Here’s an aritcle about voting and women’s rights.

  2. Tess 1 year ago

    Hi Lindsay! I really enjoyed reading your post and I think you highlighted very important issues. The security of our elections is crucial, therefore we need to have some sort of voter ID laws. However, these laws can lead to discrimination resulting in an unfair election. As many of us will be voting soon it is imperative that we make sure we have adequate laws set in place in order to insure that we have fair and valid elections. I think people need to educate themselves more on this issue especially because voting is one of the most fundamental things within our political system. Here is a link to an article I think you would find compelling!

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