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The interview took place in Pulse High School where I am currently attending and will be graduating on April. A peer of mine who is called Jean Morales was the one who recorded the interview for the project we are doing in the class called New Media Art.The interview was about the most important person in my life.

The quote was that “I wanted to be successful like Cristiano Ronaldo and have a professional career”.Hearing this quote just made me realize that I want to be as successful  as he is.This quote means a lot to me because I want to have a good career like he does and I wish to make a decent amount of money.

Another quote that stood out for me was “He makes me want to come to school and graduate”.This show I like people who are successful because that is something I desire myself and seeing this quote made me realize that I want to be rich like him and do not intend on giving up on my dreams.This means a lot to me because I want to be a detective or a professional player soccer player.

Another quote that surprised me was “The most important person in my life is a well known soccer player called Cristiano Ronaldo”.He is the most important person because I see all his awards and money, that is something i been wanting since I was six years old so this is why i admire him and want to follow in his path.Soon I will be successful like him and be living a good life.

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