Writing my research paper was a long and stressful process, as are most of my writing endeavors. Although this one was a little bit different because of how drawn out it was, I still managed to finish it. I learned a lot more about obesity than I figured I would due to all of my prior knowledge in that field. Health and fitness has become a very large part of my life over the past year and the more I can learn about different health defects and issues and how to treat them and prevent them, the better off I will be in the future. I learned that the obesity rate is still measured by Body Mass Index, or BMI, and this was quite shocking to me because of how inaccurate it is due to the fact it does not take into consideration the muscle on a person’s body. A personal example of how I have learned this is because at the doctor’s office I was told my BMI was quite high but not to worry about it because it is not that useful. And the nutrition place I go to has a body composition analysis and it reads that I have about 10% body fat and about 91 pounds of muscle, not to mention I weigh about 185 pounds. And my BMI is measured at about 26 which is in the overweight category. As well as I am very interested in learning more about why obesity has been on the rise for sometime now and part of this may be because could people could possibly be getting in better shape but still being measured as obese by BMI. Maybe sometime in the near future the world will wise up and develop a new system to measure obesity. 

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  1. Treyvon 1 year ago

    Hello Cullen,
    On reading your reflection to a paper that you have written, it shows you are a very talented writer. You have a lot of insight on the steady rise of obesity throughout the world and it makes the reader also intrigued into finding out what your paper has to offer. I really enjoyed reading your writing and hope you continue to write. Hope you have a nice day.

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