The minimum wage in the United States is normally $7.25 an hour. This makes it very hard for people to make a living especially if they are trying to pay for housing and food on their own. There are many different situations that can leave people in debt. A big problem we see is single parents trying to support their children. If they are working at a job that only pays minimum wage, there is no possible way they could support their family.

In the US people are frustrated with the minimum wage especially when the costs of everything surrounding us are rising. If you are fortunate enough to grow up in a household with two parents that have good jobs, you may not have to worry about this problem. However, in our day and age a lot of children don’t have this kind of support. Reading this you may think that the only people being paid minimum wage are teenagers but three out of four minimum wage workers are over the age of 20 years old. And even worse is that a full time worker making $7.25 an hour makes less than $300 a week. To find even more statistics like these, the article Minimum Wage Increase helps explain the positive and negative parts of raising minimum wage.

The reason why many are against raising minimum wage is because it will make it harder for bosses to start off “entry-level” workers that may be working for the first time in their life. The article Proof That Raising the Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea dives deeper into the reasons why it would be a poor decision. Also, they have conducted a few studies on this and found that the hours for lower earners will be cut and new jobs for younger employees will be harder and harder to find. It would be a lot harder to get into businesses because everyone would be fighting for the hours.

I would love to hear others opinions about these circumstances and compare if it is only younger people seeking a higher wage, or also middle aged people. I think this is a topic that is causing problems in our country right now and it needs to be solved.



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  1. Anna 3 years ago

    The issue of whether the minimum wage should be increased seems straight forward (the minimum wage hasn’t been adjusted in years and inflation is leaving the workers who are paid minimum wage in horrible economic conditions). Of course it should be raised, its impossible to live on a salary of $15,000 a year! However its a much more complex issue. While it is quite impossible to live on the current minimum wage, raising it runs the risks of leaving those who need help worse off. Raising the minimum wage can change hours, needs, introduce automated systems and actually leave the workers unemployed. I wonder if these counter arguments are true, because you look at California and their new minimum wage and none of these counter arguments seem to be causing problems. This article may help you further evaluate the ‘pros and cons’ of raising the minimum wage

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