Solar, hydroelectric, wind, and nuclear energy can provide power in cleaner ways than oil. Fossil fuels produce 93% of the world’s energy consumption, only 7% comes from renewable energy sources. With resources diminishing, alternative energy sources may have to be used.

The effects of fossil fuel consumption are apparent in the Salt Lake Valley. The burning of oil/fossil fuels produces air, land, and water pollution; it is a primary contributor to climate change as well. Conditions will only worsen as long as fossil fuels remain to be the chief form of power. Solar and wind power are both clean and effective ways to harness energy.

There is only a finite amount of oil on the Earth, and no effective way to synthesize it. Alternative sources of energy have no such limits. There is an argument that alternative energies are more expensive, which is true. However, as alternative energy becomes more popular, prices will decrease. At the same time, oil prices will increase as resources deplete. In time, then, we will have no choice but to use alternative energy sources.

There has been a great amount of research into the most effective ways to harness clean energy. Renewable energies are capable to produce the same amount of power as fossil fuels (nuclear energy being the most prolific), and this will continue as technology improves. I believe that if we continue to research and implement solutions, we will enjoy a better and more sustainable future.

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  1. Simon 11 months ago

    Hi Sam. This was a very interesting article. I agree that not having renewable energy is a problem. One solution I have is to spend more government money on it. The Obama administration asked for money for this issue and was unsuccessful.
    This article goes into this issue of lack of spending.

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