I first learned English in the 3rd grade.  I grew up speaking Spanish because my family came from Mexico before I was born, maybe 17 years ago.  I didn’t speak it yet because I didn’t like the language that much. It felt weird in my mouth when I tried to pronounce the words, like I was behind, or even not as smart as I know I am. It turned out to be pretty easy to learn the language.  I took home worksheets with me and started practicing

But then I realized all my friends were speaking it so i got a lists of words and would practice pronouncing the words, over and over.   

It makes it easy to make friends who also do not know the English language. Because when some of the new kid didn’t know english i talked to them in spanish because that is the language they were mostly comfortable with.

Being bilingual is going to help me get  better jobs. It is going to help me because if i know two languages I get a job easier and more money cause when people that dont know english i could be translating to them.

For me, being American means to be free to speak any language, because in the past people weren’t allowed to speak their native language. However, everyone around me speaks English, so speaking the language makes me feel like part of America.

At home my parents don’t want me to speak english at home because they have noticed that I am starting to lose my spanish I can pronounce some word in spanish. So my parents don’t want me to forget about my spanish.


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  1. Amie 1 year ago

    I enjoyed reading your post and agree with many of the points you raised! I agree with your parents that you should try hard to retain Spanish. It’s so important in today’s world to speak more than one language!

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