Author: Adam

A Small Village

Artifact is a object made by a person and it means alot him. Its valuable because I feel like person belong there.   

There’s a piece of art on my  living room and if you walk near it, you will hear  my mom screaming, “Don’t go close by the picture  because it means a lot to your dad’s family.”  I said Why? She said  It shows  the small village in Yemen where your father’s family lives.  It helps him remember his past. In yemen my whole family used to get together and eat in a small room and used to makes jokes after we finish eat but now they barely see each other. When my dad moved to New York all you see him doing is work he doesn’t have time to even take a break because he trying to support us and his family back home. But now my dad’s family who lived here in New york they don’t live close by anymore like they used to live in Yemen.

Why is this photo so  important to you?  Why did you but this photo on then wall?

How do you feel when you look at the photo ?

What’s the difference  between living here and back home?