Author: Gubi

Writing Experience

This is a reflection on the writing process for my final Expository Writing class paper. It had its ups and downs, but was definitely a learning experience. So here it is:

The research process for my paper has been a learning experience where I have learned many new methods of getting and using information. At first it started of as a tedious and cumbersome processes where I was finding it difficult to engage in the text and was trying too hard to find evidence for my paper. But as I started to read the research articles for my own interest rather than for my paper, I realized I was able to synthesize my own conclusions on this argument and provide a lot more valuable insight. I was first introduced to this topic from the nonfiction book about Alan Turing (one of the founders of AI) in my expos class. In the book it brought up the idea that computers can possibly replace all of the jobs which require human thought process. After reading some more about this idea, I got curious on how AI could affect the job and warfare market and realized that this could be an interesting topic to research about. I first thought my counter argument would be about the uses of AI in warfare, but as a I kept researching I realized that the negative effect on the job market is a much more threatening and relevant counterargument to AI progression. I used many of the techniques from the Reading Rhetorically book to analyze how the author of the articles were using emotion, values and interests to strengthen their argument and how I can use some of the same techniques to solidify mine. I found that many authors were using examples of evidence which would be relatable to the reader rather than just providing facts. So I decided to try this by adding some personalistic elements to my paper. A perfect example for when I did this was when I used an anecdote in my introduction paragraph to add a relatable situation for the reader. By giving the reader something to relate to, I was able to provide them with ways AI could be incorporated into their personal lives to benefit them, hence strengthening my argument. One thing I found difficult in my writing process was picking which subcategories of that argument to talk about. AI is such a broad field which can affect so many aspects of our lives, making picking which aspects of AI are most important a very difficult task to do. To solve this problem, I decided that I would first make a list of all the possible body paragraph topics and then cut out the topics which seemed to have to least impact humanity or were too complicated to explain. But other than that, the research and writing processes seemed pretty straightforward. I really how we were given the opportunity to use peer reviewing through eli riew to perfect our essays. I thought that having peer revision twice was really helpful in my writing process because I was able to confirm that I corrected their suggestion correctly and could edit out the small quirks of after the second revision.