Throughout this research essay, I have learned many different techniques for improving my writing ability. A part of this process that made a big impact on my paper was the editing and revising time given in class. During the time that we had to edit and revise our paper, Mrs. Reed (my teacher) gave us numerous opportunities to collectively share our thoughts and ideas with our table partners. I had pages of comments that both my table mates gave me on Eli Review. I found the comments very useful in cleaning up my essay and finding a better focus. Often times when I’m writing a paper I forget to get opinions from peers. This time around, I loved the amount of criticism I was able to get from my table group.

Another aspect that helped me throughout this process was the book Reading Rhetorically. With the help of this piece of literature, I was able to take a deeper look to see if the information I was using was valid or not. I did not give much thought about how important finding factual data was until I read this book. For example, I was reading an article that I thought was held valid information in it but once doing research on the author it turned out to be someone who was not focused on psychology and rather a high school student. I believe one topic that Reading Rhetorically highlighted was that the information that you are putting in your paper is put in place to help validate what you are arguing. I found reading this book extremely helpful. It helped me make a research paper become more feasible and walked me through various steps to get it down in a timely manner.

A part that was difficult for me was actually beginning the composing and the starting of the writing process. I did not know where to start. Before, starting an 8-page research essay with a full works cited page intimidated me. Mrs. Reed gave us time to formulate an outline and a messy rough draft to gather all of our ideas on to one sheet. One thing that helped me the most through this entire process was the messy draft. I liked how Mrs. Reed assured us that the draft was supposed to be our thoughts and ideas on what we wanted the paper to be. Before this project, I thought that a first draft had to be a fully finished paper. I now have a different perspective of what a rough draft can be.I learned that it does not need to be a clean-cut writing piece. I think this research paper has not only increased my knowledge of introverts and extroverts but also has improved my writing process.



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  1. Brandon 1 year ago

    Nice reflection. I also had trouble figuring out how to start my research essay, so I can relate

  2. Alexandria 1 year ago

    I look forward to reading stuff from you in the future. The fact that you decided to tackle this shows you weren’t intimated and in fact seemed to like coming up with a cohesive paper from first drafts shows drive. You seemed to have really enjoyed your experience learning about different sorts of people, which reflects well on how you probably operate in real life. The splattering of information and ideas helped you form a loose start on which you could build a more cohesive foundation. If you want to find out how you can turn that abstractness into good notes that can be used to make a better paper, check out: http://www.easybib.com/guides/students/writing-guide/ii-research/e-taking-notes/

  3. Mia 1 year ago

    Gigi, writing research papers is almost always intimidating to me at first, and I sometimes feel like I don’t know where to start, or if I am researching something that is meaningful, or that I will be able to argue my thesis effectively. I think it is great that you said that you liked writing messy first drafts because I think that is one of the best parts of writing a research paper. Finding, learning, and writing about all this new information you are acquiring is quite fun actually, and I don’t believe it should be as formal as we all seem to make it. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed researching about the difference of introverts and extroverts, I would love to read that essay some time. Since you mentioned that you liked the constructive criticisms your peers gave you, here is a website that pin points the benefits of peer review in research writing.
    Thank you for sharing your process,
    Mia Kowalczyk

  4. Mary 1 year ago

    Hi Gigi, I enjoyed reading this because it can help me when I research topics, in fact, I have to research career options for a paper soon, and this will definitely come in handy. I am glad you realized that a first draft does not have to pretty or all cohesive. Indeed it is only the start where the ideas can be splattered because you are still figuring out the structure of the essay. I think this website with instructions on how to approach research papers will help you, http://www.gallaudet.edu/tutorial-and-instructional-programs/english-center/the-process-and-type-of-writing-/research-paper-the-process. Good luck, I look forward to reading it!

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