Writing this research paper was a journey. For me, picking my topic was quite easy. The brain has always fascinated me, and with all the sexual assault charges coming out, I put them together and picked what I wanted to write and research about. I researched how sexual assault affects the brain.

The research was the easiest and funniest part for me. It was very interesting to read all the effects that trauma has on the brain. I was lucky because had been lots of research covering this topic. Therefor, it was very easy for me to pick my claims and find evidence for my claims. The composing part of the essay was not that hard, besides writing my introduction and conclusion. I found it difficult to condense all my writing into one simple paragraph, though with the help of my writing team, I got some tips on how to go about writing my conclusion and introduction. I really enjoyed this round of Eli Review, because I found it the most helpful. My writing team went through my essay and told me what was missing, and those things were things I did not even think of including.  I also felt like I was able to give good feedback because of all the experience on Eli Review I have had before.

Reading rhetorically also really helped the process of writing this essay. The most helpful parts were when the authors talks about determining how you write your essay based off who your audience was. This guided my writing a lot. It also helped me figure out the purpose of my writing, and that was to inform readers of how the brain chemistry can be affected by trauma. My piece was not a persuasive piece of writing, but it was more a piece on informing people of research and how that research affects people.

I feel alright about my writing. Obviously if I had more time I would feel more confident, but I do feel good with my final piece. This research paper has showed me what I am strong at and what I am weak at when it comes to writing. Overall, even though this whole process what stressful, it did teach me a lot, and I am happy with myself for writing an eight page paper.



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