Almost two days ago I finished a ten page research page about globalization, but it was definitely a process. At the start of this process I was excited to be able to take a deeper look at a topic that interest me, but it left the question what to research? I wanted a topic that contained many of my fields of interest; history, public policy and economics. Globalization contains all three. From just reading a few articles I realized that a huge amount controversy. It’s not surrounding weather or not it exist, but whether or not it’s actually beneficial. One of the first articles I read where mostly just general pro and cons list. From there I learned that globalization effects are far reaching from the politics, social issues, especially the environment, and economy. Originally my plan was to invest all three, but with more reading completed I quickly realized that to do the in-depth research I want I would only be able to choose one of the three. The topic that I found both the most interesting and to have the most information was that surrounding economist . Fast Forward to the peer reviewing process which is equal parts stressful and helpful. The stress stems from the fact that the deadline are close together, leaving me feeling panicked, but at the same time it’s a necessary step of the writing process. I just wished it was a little bit more informal. For me feedback on organization was crucial, as I often feel lost in a sea of research. After a month of research, I’m just glad it’s done.


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