In class we did an essay on George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and the different predictions between them. One of these was being disconnected, isolated vs being a part of the whole, all intertwined. I believe both of these points are valid for current time. On social media you see a lot of things. There’s a lot of accounts of nothing but selfies, and self pity. People obsess, taking photo after photo, ignoring everyone else. It’s like they’re isolating themselves in their own little bubble, not conversing, not knowing each other. The internet itself seems to have left us detached from each other. We’d rather be on our phones than talk to each other. At dinners people’s fingers fly on little light up screens. We walk past each other, zombies, unaware of those of us around us, yet, we’re connecting to people across huge distances. We reach people in other countries, time zones. We band together in conflict, like the metoo movement, or net neutrality. We’ve sunk our root into people we don’t know, in countries we’ve never stepped foot in. We come together in tragedy, and strengthen bonds from that. It’s like we can’t stop being in the presence of human companionship. Even those who seem to stick to the walls have their own social groups, their own people to call family. We’ve gone both ways, and both ways contradict each other. Humanity is complicated, and can’t be pinned down by simple labels like isolated or rooted. We’re ever changing, spiraling, unfolding, shielding, opening up. Every second there’s a chage


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  1. Amelia 1 year ago

    Dear Whitlee,
    I am astonished by your post “Social Media” because I feel like people are not aware about what is going around them due to the fact that social media is taking control over people. I’m our society today there is less verbal communication and more attachment of people towards the screws and many don’t really believe is a problem but it is. Many don’t know that all their information on social media may not be private due to the fact that there are always people looking over what you search or who you talk too. It’s surprising that in the novel 1984, there were telecreens watching over people as well how there are cameras, police , and other sources that make people get looked over most of the time. It’s surprising to see how a person like you is woke to see how this issue of social media is taking over the world. I am looking forwards to what else you believe and see that is making a big change in this world. Hope to read more about other novels that you have read and compare it to the society that we live in today.

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