Writing this research paper has been a journey. It was such a daunting task at first and at times seemed easier but overall it was pretty stressful. I think though it was good thing to experience. With my writing however I’m pretty happy with it. I absolutely loved the topic I picked and how it allowed for me to really look for deeper into online research and learn things about something I was interested in. It was also a more personal topic for me, that’s how I chose it. It was something that could potentially affect my life in the future. It also is something that just gets me fired up. Regarding my writing process, I know it wasn’t that great and I should have spread out my writing time. Time management is something I know that I could have done better, but it’s good that I’m aware of it now for future papers. I would have my messy draft but then I would wait to actually make the paper seem more pieced together. Speaking of the actual paper, researching sources part was actually pretty easy and simple. I think it is such a big conversation today that there had to be plenty of research sources out there. What was harder to find though was actual reliable factual opposition points. I did end up finding some but I was able to use my other research and own sources to refute them like I wanted.

Another part of my paper that was surprising for me was all the different layers a topic could really have. When I first thought of my topic I thought I knew most of the main elements to it but it was fascinating to see the layers and layers there actually was underneath the surface. The surface data on same-sex couples than made me think about the different couples within same-sex couples. I had to think about the male-male relationships and how they could differ from a female-female relationship. Another thing that helped me was Reading Rhetorically. It showed me how to judge good sources and that I needed to make sure my paper still sounded like my voice but yet still sounded formal enough for a research paper. It make me more conscious of what I was reading online and what I was writing in my paper. I had to make sure I had things written down that really was centered on my focus (same-sex parents influences on kids). The last thing that was amazing was the Eli Review we did. I thought it really allowed for my writing to be read by my tablemates and helped me get an outside perspective on my paper. Instead of me just staring and reading my own work and maybe not seeing something because I’ve been staring at it forever, it allowed for someone with fresh eyes to give feedback. Which I now believe to be a very important step in writing. Overall the experience of writing the essay was super super stressful and a lot of work but in the end I think all of the work was important in preparing for later papers. You learn now so you can do better in the future.  


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