When writing this research paper, I learned a lot about the process of writing and constructing a paper. I wrote my research paper on how the government of Venezuela led the country to be in a bad situation. To write this piece, I first made an outline to identify my key points and organize them. With my topic, I had to differentiate all the different aspects that were necessary to discuss. It was hard narrowing down exactly what points I was going to write about since there are so many aspects that contributed to the Venezuelan government leading Venezuela to a bad place. As I started researching, I found that some subjects were easier to find than others such as information on the election of 2013. A challenge that I faced while researching was finding specific statistics on health/medicine and making sure that the sources were credible.

A skill that I learned while writing this research paper is being able to decide if a source is credible or not and knowing when to check facts with another website. Something that surprised me was how many articles there were about Venezuela on websites from the United States. Although I had to do some research on Venezuelan websites, I was able to find most of my information from US websites with accurate statistics so that was very helpful. The parts of this piece that I think are very strong is where I discuss my personal experience with how the lack of medicine/food in Venezuela has directly affected my family because I connect a primary source with statistics from a secondary source. The statistics backup my story/experience to help emphasize the point I was making.

Reading Rhetorically was a useful tool to have while writing this research paper because it provided helpful ideas to manage a research paper and ways to improve your writing. It was great to be reading and discussing Reading Rhetorically while writing this paper because I was able to use suggestions from the book to write my paper. One skill that I learned from this book was practicing questioning a text/source. This skill was helpful to have while writing this paper because it is important to be reading research that is reliable and correct. Overall, this research paper was a great learning experience and I learned and worked on my skills of how to plan, structure, and write a large paper.


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