There is police brutality going on in America. This statement is true by the number of articles and number of police shootings I have been looking at. There has been websites just dedicated to stopping police brutality for years now. I believe that police brutality has gotten worse and worse over time. There has been so many police shooting citizens ever in the last couple years. Examples of police brutality have been the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Alton Sterling.This is a serious problem in America right now. But only some people are willing to consider it a problem and try to fix it.There are many divides in America going on with race, some include the NFL protest and people kneeling for the American flag. Most people do not really know what police brutality really is. Police brutality does not just involve law enforcement using physical force on another human. Police brutality can mean a lot of things. Sirry Alang says “Police brutality is not just about people dying during interactions with law enforcement. Brutality goes beyond the use of unjustified physical force that might cause death. It includes emotional and verbal assault and intimidation that ultimately dehumanize the victim. Brutality can occur regardless of conscious intent of the officer.” This is saying police can do other things besides physical abuse for it to be considered police brutality. Like when someone is charged with a crime they can be punished harder just because the color of their skin and this would be called police brutality. It doesn’t matter what they do but once you feel like you are being treated like a 2nd class citizen and you feel like the police or law enforcement is taking away your rights then that would be considered police brutality. Sirry Alang always says “ The deaths of unarmed black men highlight broader racial issues reflected in police-public relations that we have not quite addressed in the U.S. These issues create inequities in health, well-being and in productivity. To address police brutality and limit its impact, we must focus upstream.” This is important because sometimes people do not even know they are being harassed by the police. They do not know that they were just a victim of police brutality. More people have been a victim of police brutality but they just didn’t realized what happened because they didn’t want to call out for help. When people are being harassed by the police we need them to let others know that they are harassed by the police. So we can let the whole country know that it is a serious problem and it can happen to anyone. We as a country need to let people know what police brutality really is. Also we need to find out solutions to stop police brutality police. We are not totally going to stop police brutality but we can get close.

Colin Kaepernick last year started kneeling for the national anthem before NFL games because of police brutality. He believes that it is a serious issue and needs to be fixed. Colin has said “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. (John)” This quote is saying he will not stand for the flag until the police brutality problem is solved. He has lost his job in the NFL for kneeling for the flag. Also it is saying that no matter what he will always stand up for what he believe in even if he did lose his job. He wants America to be a safe place for everyone not just a specific race or color. He hates to see people of any race Black, White, Asian or Hispanic being scared of the police or any law enforcement. Colin wants a place where everyone does not have to live in fear everyday for their lives. Colin Kaepernick is a free agent trying to find some a team that will look at his talent instead of the drama on and off the field. He has also said I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. (John)” This quote is saying he does not want to stand up for a country who does not stand up for him. He wants to live in a country where black people and people of color don’t feel abused by the law or law enforcement. Colin does not want to see people dead or shot by the police everyday on the news. He wants everyone to feel safe in America. There has been others who has disagreed with Kaepernick throughout the NFL protest. Mr. Trump has been one of the biggest opposers of his ideas and of the kneeling of the national anthem. Donald Trump did not agree with anything Colin Kaepernick had done or what he had said. Mr. Trump believes the opposite about the the kneeling for the flag. He said “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b*tch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!  (John) This quote is referring to Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the flag last year. You can tell by this quote that Donald Trump does not accept Colin’s ideas. He said it in a crazy matter to not even care about Colin Kaepernick to disrespect him and his feelings towards police brutality.  This quote is saying that Donald Trump is saying no matter what you believe in if it is right or wrong you should always stand for the flag. He does not want anyone to kneel for the flag because of the service from all the veterans fighting for our freedom. He wants everyone to stand no matter what you believe. He is also saying anyone who is kneeling for the flag should be fired from their team and should not play again. He believes that the NFL owners should take part in this and start to fire the guys who are kneeling for the nation anthem. After this quote was said people were really angry with the Donald Trump for not caring about police brutality. This made people realize Donald Trump is not going to help out with police brutality in our country. It really started controversy in the community for sports and for people against police brutality. It made people realize that there actually might be a problem with police brutality and have people actually try to resolve the problem.

Other celebrities have been bullied or abused by the police or law enforcement. Like Michael Bennett and Meek Mill. Michael Bennett was arrested and was abused by the police during his arrest. He was arrested for running out of a club after the police told them to get out. When Michael Bennett was getting arrested he yelled “ I wasn’t doing nothing man! I was here with my friends! They told us to get out, everybody ran!” The police was using a strong physical force with him. Why did they have to use so much physical force on him after he was listening to the police and not doing anything wrong? The police also thought he was carrying a gun. How would they even see a gun if he was running away from them? He wasn’t even running towards them he was running the other way.  A police officer was holding him down on the ground and yelling “I will blow your f**king head off. (Phil)” This quote is important because the police were going to kill Michael Bennett because of what he looked like. He is a 6-4 300 pound black male and the police were stereotyping him just because of what he looked like. The police did not make any other arrest. Only arrest they made that night was Michael Bennett. There was a party going on in the club with 100 plus people in there but the only arrest made that night was to Michael Bennett. Once I saw this I knew right away this was another act of police brutality happening in America. This was crazy to happen to a celebrity like that. Most of the NFL knows Michael Bennett and for it to happen to him. This made everyone scared that it might just happen to them if they were black. It doesn’t matter if your a common person or a celebrity, police brutality can happen to you. There has been another case of police brutality. Meek Mill going to jail for 2 to 4 years. He is going to jail for violating probation. He got caught leaving the state, tested positive for drugs and got caught dirt biking. A lot of people thinks this sentence was unreasonable and cruel to give him jail for only violating probation . “It is unthinkable that a judge would not hear the prosecutor and the probation officer in this case. It is suspect to raise the ante by calling him a danger to the community when Judge Brinkley is the only person to have raised such a concern. (Duster)” This quote is important because everyone was thinking the same thing. Why wouldn’t she listen to anyone else. When she was deciding the sentence of Meek Mill she did not listen to the probation officer or listen to witnesses with Meek Mill. She did not give him a break at all. This was her last straw with Meek Mill.  The judge did not listen to anyone else in the decision to send him to jail for 2-4 years. After the fact the judge said he is danger to the community. Everyone was confused by this statement made because he has not done anything recently to make him a danger to the community. Meek Mill has done so much recently for the community. He had provided so much for the community and then for him to go to jail for 2 to 4 years is crazy and unthinkable. He has been doing really good things for everyone. He has been staying out of trouble with selling drugs. Mill was not selling drugs this time and he still is getting locked up for a long time. This is why the community is so mad at the judge and want another hearing because jail time was not right. Jay-Z even had something to say “ sentence handed down by the Judge — against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer — is unjust and heavy handed. We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career. (Zaru, Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence Draws Outrage)”This is important because one of the greatest hip-hop artist of all time is on his side. This examples explains how the hip-hop community feels about his jail sentence. Everyone knew right away once he was sentenced that there needs to be an another hearing by another judge. Jay- Z also said“I gotta say something about a young man named Meek Mill,” Jay Z said. “He caught a charge, he was about 19, he’s 30 now, he’s been on probation 11 years. F—— 11 years. Now he got to do two to four years because he got arrested being on a bike popping a f—— wheelie. (Zaru, Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence Draws Outrage)” No one thought he was going to get in trouble for just going a wheelie.  The quote is important because if he never did a wheelie at the point in time then he would have never got in trouble for voting prohibition. This is what Jay-Z is saying when he is saying this quote. No one thought he was going to go to prison period but then he is going to go for that long is outrages. The community is now wondering if he was white or even a different race would he go to jail or would he even go to court for this. This is why people know this is another act of police brutality.

Police brutality happens everywhere it is not just in the worst cities in the US. It can happen at any time of day or night. It doesn’t matter the time or place “Police brutality is really just a tentacle to a larger problem — the racial divide and the systemic racism that goes on from the highest of highs to the lowest of the low of society in America. (Zaru, T.I. Speaks out on Police Brutality.)” This quote is important because police brutality goes right into the problem of racism in America. There is racism that happens everywhere in America. It happens to blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Without racism police brutality would not even happen in America. “When you operate within your fear of something, you always put yourself at a disadvantage and I think that excessive force is often used because it’s an intangible fear (of black men) that exists there. (Zaru, T.I. Speaks out on Police Brutality.)” This quote is important because people have stereotypes of different races and once the stereotypes are in their mind the police officers in this case get scared of black men of hurting them. Even though the black men have not done anything to scare them or hurt them. With stereotypes it makes it hard for people to not be scared or intimidated of one race. People are not born having know stereotypes. They learn stereotypes from past encounters of people or from hearing it from someone over and over again. If the stereotype is not broken the people who have stereotypes in their minds will continue to think the way they do. Then those people will have kids and tell their kids the stereotypes they are thinking throughout their whole life.This becomes a problem with everyone having stereotypes in their heads about some culture and not having an open mind to another person’s culture.This is why there is a racial divide from people having stereotypes of one another. No one can leave the house without getting judge by the way they look. Once we stop stereotypes police brutality will easily go down in a big way and it will continue to decrease and decrease.

Throughout this paper I have talked about what is police brutality and examples of police brutality. Police brutality is a real problem in America. This is one of the biggest problems we have right now going on in America. I have given you tons examples where people believe there is police brutality going on or examples where police brutality happened in a form to someone. It will not get fixed overnight. But with first people accepting it is a real problem. People actually have to believe there is a problem with police brutality for anyone to believe there will be a solution to the answer. Then with people agreeing that we need to find solutions to fix it. We can get this done as a whole country one step at a time. It is not going to stop police brutality completely but it will slowly stop. Then people like Colin Kaepernick can get their jobs back. Also families will not have to be scared for their children to leave the house without being harassed by the police. Children being harassed by the police is the number one thing minority parents are scared of once they let their kids out to drive at night. The parents know there are still bad police men and women out there not doing the right thing for the community. The parents know the officers are abusing their power and trying to rise above the law. But with police brutality this all could stop and families will be fine with their kids leaving the house at anytime without getting harassed by the police. Police brutality can be any kind of contact with the police that makes you feel like a 2nd class citizen. It does not have to be police killing a black man to make the headlines. It can be the police harassing you at a traffic stop or harassing you on the side of the street. The important part is that police brutality can be anything, it does not have to physical abuse by a law enforcement officer for us to take action. Another important part is police brutality can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what race you are. You could be a victim of police brutality at any moment of time. Just because I have talked about celebrities getting harassed or physical assault by the police does not mean it can not happen to a regular old person on the street. Police brutality can literally  happen to any man, woman, boy or girl. They do not just have to be a person of color. They can be black, white, asian or hispanic. It doesn’t matter the race it can happen to anyone. Having people understand what police brutality is will decrease police brutality even more because then people will understand what it is like to get harrased and a victim of police brutality. Then the police will be less likely to harass you. Then the police will realize what they are doing is not right. They will finally realize that they are one of the bad cops and that they need to stop abusing people. The most important part of my paper is police brutality is a serious problem going on in America and it needs to stop.


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