I feel strongly that my research paper went well. I felt that I learned a lot about concussions, and learned what I didn’t already know. I started by figuring out what I already knew, and going forward from there. I found first-hand accounts of serious TBIs and compared them to what I went through. A lot of symptoms were similar between us, but obviously not everything. I was easy for me to choose this topic of concussions because I had already experienced it. I wanted to know if I was going to have long term effects or brain damage because of it.

    I encountered problems throughout my writing of the paper. I found it hard to find studies done on TBIs that I could actually comprehend and pull information from. At one point, I got stuck at about six pages because I felt like I had exhausted everything I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to have just quotes because that’s boring. It was hard to find a good balance between having enough evidence to support my claims and thesis, and letting my voice and opinion shine through. I found it difficult to finish on time because I lost four days in the beginning of drafting because of my college visit, where I should have been at about five pages, and I was at about two. I ended up skipping my skating competition to finish my paper on the Saturday before it was due, or I wouldn’t have finished. I was surprised at how much information is available, but also how much information needed to be sorted through to find credible sources.

       I thought I was tricky to cite in APA because it wasn’t anything I had ever formally learned before. In Reading Rhetorically, the author recommended turning your desktop screen off and using the keyboard to just type away. This was very helpful in spilling all my thoughts out and sorting through them all later. An audience would be able to connect to this piece because I used somewhat famous examples and a strong use of pathos. Sharing my own story was the best part of writing for me because I got to vent about what happened in my case. Having a good thesis, ample evidence, and an author’s voice makes a paper stand out. Eli Review was a helpful way to get quality feedback on my paper and any questions I might have. It was nice to be a responder and be the person giving advice to help out someone else’s paper.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Major Implications of Minor Concussions by Elizabeth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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