Choosing my topic was a relatively easy process, Affirmative Action has been a central political issue in recent years and I felt that this was an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the subject. The research aspect of this paper lasted throughout the entire writing process, mostly because of all the layers that come with my subject; I had to continue my research as I delved deeping into Affirmative Action. Actually composing the essay gave me more difficulties than I had previously thought that it would. I had everything that I needed to convey what I wanted to say, but the words would not flow—I had no idea how to say any of it. Eventually, the words came, but I still feel as though it may not work in the sense that what I said may only make sense to me. The editing process mostly consisted of my rearranging the body paragraphs and fixing some grammatical issues.

In all honesty,  I dislike my paper. A lot. I wrote this essay while under a lot of personal pressures. Those, along with work and AP classes, I feel, put a dent in my writing process and contributed to the overall lower quality of my paper. Of course not everything can be attributed to external factors, my tendency to procrastinate greatly affected my ability to finish this paper on time while also making sure that the quality would be on par with not only my other works, but also the pieces of my fellow students.

Unrelated to the writing process: I just saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I can conclude that my paper, even as the mess that it is, is far superior to almost every aspect of that film. TLJ is almost as large of tragedy as the death of Darth Plagueis the Wise.


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