Posted by Matthew on December 19, 2017


My name is Matthew Benvenutti, I was born in New York, I’m 18 years old, I was born July 1st, 1999. I have lived in Highbridge in the Bronx my whole life. I love riding my bike around NYC, being with my friends, just having fun and living life. I only like good vibes around me, and only people with positive attitudes. I used to play baseball when I was young but once I started to ride a bike and saw how things were and how many friends I started to make and how much we traveled, I just kept on riding my bike.

When I’m in school I really like to just see that I’m doing well and it motivates me to even try harder and try to do better than I already am. I also like that this school is like a family; it’s not so big and the teachers are so close and cool…well most of them. I feel I do my best in mathematics, art, and physical education mostly because i’m very active.

I feel I‘m good at art as well. I don’t have much talent at it but it comes in handy and science is just easy to me. I think I started to really get good at math and art in middle school. My sibling used to draw a lot around me and my 8th grade teacher made me realize how easy and simple math was once you put your mind to it.

Photo by TheCoolQuest