In a dystopian society, it seems as though only small things matter. Its backwards, the big things in our lives right now such as family, education, and meaning in the things we do. In a dystonia, people don’t put importance on family life and starting a family and it is even looked down upon. Sex is looked as more of a meaningless less activity, in today’s society this is an issue too. Today it seems as though people look at sex as something to do for fun instead of something that should be meaningful and precious. In this article it talks about how hookup culture is bad and how it negatively effects our lives. In dystopian society hook up culture is ever present and it shows how it had negative effects even though its glorified.

Education takes a back seat in dystopian society, as reading and books are looked as something that is bad. People are either uninterested or the government restricts it. Dystopian society puts up ranks that people fall into, without education people are unable to move up these ranks and thus are either lucky to be born into a high rank or get the short end of the stick and are lower caste.

Everything people could be proud of is something that can be looked down at. Having a family, being really smart, it all has no meaning in a dystopian culture. All that matters is pleasure through sex and drugs. It creates a population of mindless people.

  1. Claire 3 years ago

    Are you saying that our society is dystonian? This a a little unclear. Also I do not think that education is taking a backseat in today’s society. If anything education is more important today than it has ever been. It would be great if you could explain a little more about what makes you think this.


  2. Adelle 3 years ago

    I think it’s interesting that you say sex “should be meaningful and precious.” What makes you say so? A counterargument could clearly be that it makes people happy to do as they please with their personal lives. Could you explore the evidence more as to why it’s wrong? Also, I think you need to more clearly define why you are calling present-day America a “dystopian society.”

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