In my AP English class, we recently read George Orwell’s 1984. In this book, there is a very strong nationalist feeling. It permeates throughout the country. Fear of other places grips everyone, war is constant, and war prisoners are publicly executed to boost national moral. Right now in America, a widespread fear of other places is setting in. The recent travel ban on Muslim countries and the growing want to build an American-Mexican wall proves this. If America continues in this isolationist way, how will it affect us?

Education at the collegiate level in America will definitely be changed due to this fear. Many students from Iran, one of the countries on the travel ban list, sends thousands of students to America every year to study. One of the greatest things about studying with students from other places is that they teach American students about the world. Participation in education allows for a more understanding global community. Colleges will also suffer financially because foreign students pay out of state tuition. The country could also be affected financially. In the 1920s-30s, America’s isolationism caused the Great Depression and millions suffered.

As a global leader, the growing mistrust of other places could set an example others are sure to follow. Many other countries look to America as a leader, but also for help. If we cut off the outside world, we may inflict more pain than anything else. America has led the fight for human rights and third world development and sustainability. Backing out now could reverse all previous work. An isolated American would affect much more than just our country.


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  1. Raymond 1 month ago

    Cicely, I think your post expounds on some of the most critical problems plaguing America. Although America was built on immigrants and foreign assistance, we have come to neglect our origins. The majority of the older population have become anti-immigration, and with the recent events on the news it would seem like America wants to shut its borders to all. This fear of immigration may extend to many European states soon, especially with their influx of middle-easterners as the population gradually developed a mistrust in the foreigners.
    Here is an article with infographics and about the UN’s perspectives of immigrants due to the refugee crisis with respect to each nation.
    This fear of outsiders could lead to a decline in national productivity when the population has shifted to be populated by more older generations that are in retirement.

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