Scrolling through social media feeds daily is something that almost any kid does today. Most people see that this is harmless, but others say that it can be a very dangerous thing if educated properly. When any big event happens in America peoples social media feeds blow up with the topic. There is often chaos and a wide variety of things said about the issue. This can be confusing and make you really curious about what happened. There are so many different things said that it is really hard to find the truth, this leads us to believe in something false and we spread the false news. This can also lead to a distrust of news outlets because of different information released from them.

In this article from The American Press Institute the author explains how people will trust certain sources over another simply based on the ability to navigate a website easier. Or how frequently adds pop up on the page they’re trying to read. An article from Sensei Marketing also explains how people would rather trust their friends on social media who present information than actual news outlets. “If enough people hold this belief, it must be true.” is interesting to read because even outside of social media I tend to believe things more if coming from a friend.

The dystopian novels that I have read this year all had a similar theme to this. They talked about the distrust we have as a society towards one another and that is exactly what is happening with our media. Social media has changed many things in our lives but our distrust is arguably one of the biggest issues it has caused.

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  1. Judge Thomas 3 years ago

    Your post provides great insight on the view of fake news, and how it could surge into the future concerning social media and the advancement of technology. I believe that the notion of fake news has been exemplified and popularized by the Trump administration. I think that there will always be a sense of fake news roaming around politics and government because of the way information can be so readily available today. I agree with your point about how the manipulation of the media can ruin many agencies to provide a better, or try to provide a better, image for the interest of another party, company, etc. Social media is more or less like a gift and a curse. It would probably be in the best interest for everyone to keep a sharp eye on the way America is heading with the election process, and how social media is becoming a critical element which is integrated into this process as well. Thank you for the post, Jenessa, I look forward to your next one!

    -Thomas K.

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