The bustling flood of technology that has poured into our world has brought a whole new menagerie of complexities and simplicities to our everyday lives.  In recent years society has become infatuated and consumed in the market of mobile devices and technologies that both reduce and influence the way we think.  This innovation has caused a technological metamorphosis within the human thought process that has manipulated society altogether.  In some ways it has distorted people’s ability to think independently and confidently, causing them to rely on their smartphones in a submissive manner.  This growing dependence displays mankind’s subconscious draw towards fading out the demand for logical thinking.

One article I found compelling in the research of this topic stated that technology could “compromise our long-term memory storage and ability to retain information over the long term.”  The reasoning behind this is because technology eradicates the need of critical thinking to learn something.  With an unfathomable amount of knowledge at the disposal of our fingertips, people begin to think less as they slip into this state of mental lassitude which doesn’t allow them to confidently think independently.  This intellectual deterioration seems to be occurring at an exponential rate among society.  The heavy reliance on technology exhibited by people suggests that smartphones are becoming our “second brains”, replacing our original thought process with white noise.

Another considerable article I read presents an extreme view of this phenomenon.  This article suggests that “there’s a close link between originality, novelty, and creativity on the one hand, and the sort of spontaneous thoughts that we generate when our minds are idle.” Subsequently it leaves us with only empty thought and an inability to learn or create meaningful associations.  This ties itself to the reality of how we are tethered to our smartphones by an umbilical chord nourishing us with a secondary device of information.  This means that without these technologies, the brain is essentially left alone in mental inertia with an inability to think for ourselves.  We crave the development of devices that further disconnect us from reality.  This topic widely interests me and I hope to complete more research in this field.

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images


CC BY-SA 4.0 Is Technology Advancing Us Towards Mental Inertia? by Maxwell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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