How does social media influence people’s behaviors? Does it have any effect on society as a whole? This a question that comes up constantly and there has been many studies done to try to answer these questions. It was found that social media not only impacts society as a whole, it also impacts on politics, business, productivity, and privacy.

In an article called, “Social Media’s Impact on Society”, written by RuthAnne Shellabarger, there was a lot of talk about how social media and how overall, it has a lot of negative impacts. One of the biggest issues is how social media has drastically changed the way we view ourselves, the way we see others, and the way we interact with others. With that being said, there is an extreme usage and this is what leads to the major negative problems. This overuse is impacting not only our generation, but all generations. There is an immense amount of research showing us that a substantial amount of internet usage can lead to a negative impact on our mental and emotional health.

In another article called, “The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals” written by Brain Jung, it talked a lot about all the impacts. Jung listed many negative impacts. One element that he highlighted was cyber bullying. The issue is that social media gives people a immediate place to go weather they are a predator or a friend. Obviously kids are more vulnerable. This devastation often results in depression, anxiety, and sometimes even suicide. There was a study done by a 2010 CBS news report that said that 42% of reporting victims were the youth.

Social media has also led to the decrease of productivity. As a community, everyone is so caught up in the day to day life and social media has become a very big part of this day to day life routine. Many wake up and look at instagram, or snapchat, or facebook. This leads to productivity issues in the workplace. Since social media is so accessible, many take breaks, that aren’t needed to look at their sites. As John Boitnot states, “Social media addiction is ‘The Productivity Killer.” The University of Maryland conducted a study that showed social media addiction and what the issues were with it. It found that 8 percent of users can’t go beyond “a few hours” without checking Facebook and 61 percent of users check their newsfeed “at least once a day.” For iPhone users, 28 percent check their Twitter feed before getting up in the morning. It’s inferred that the average American spends nearly one quarter of their work day browsing social media for non-work related activities.With that, between 60 and 80 percent of Americans reveal that they don’t go online for anything important. So, to answer the question asked above, there are many ways that social media affects people’s behaviors. Some are good ways, and others, not so much.




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